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grins4u 12-28-2007 7:27 AM

I have not seen many posts containing these skates. <BR>They are awesome and they are being sold in the states <a href="http://www.goodwoodwakeskates.com" target="_blank">www.goodwoodwakeskates.com</a> these skates turned me strapless the first time out on one

grins4u 12-28-2007 7:32 AM

[IMG]<a href="http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/l/la/lag/lage/lager/lagerlife/albums/album01/darkside22.sized.jpg" target="_blank">http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/l/la/lag/lage/lager/lagerlife/albums/album01/darkside22.sized.jpg</a>[/IMG]

wakemitch 12-28-2007 8:17 AM

i didnt know they were selling in the states. <BR> <BR>the concave looks extremely mellow and the fin bump thing looks annoying. but ive heard a lot of good things about these boards from the guys down in South Africa on wakeskating.com

grins4u 12-28-2007 8:51 AM

My skates an older one so does not have the bump style fin where i ride id say over 70% ride goodwoods <BR> <BR>quote from their facebook group <BR>"Selling Boards in the US <BR>Seeing as we've got two team riders out in the states, and a couple guys requesting boards via the website, we're gonna send a shipment of Sabots and Deliquesces over. If you're in the US and want one so bad you're about to pee your panties, let us know so we can make sure we ship enough. You can email us, post a comment, or just get hold of Nick and Diets and tell em you need a gdub stick"

bbking 01-13-2008 9:32 AM

...why don't they have grip tape?

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