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beemaya 12-20-2007 3:09 AM

"....Just extend your legs, pushing off of the very top of the wake. Extending your legs too early will dramatically decrease your air time. You need to extend at the very top of the wake to receive the full pop...." <BR> <BR>Hello.. <BR>All friends of mine telling me not to do anything on a wake...that I have to be ready 2metres before wake...So who is right?

robertr720 12-20-2007 7:27 AM

Your quote above is way more right than your friends. You have to extend your legs just like when jumping on the trampoline at the top of the wake to receive the full potential pop that the wake can give you. If you extend early then you will loose some of the pop and have a much more difficult time clearing the wake. If you let off way before the wake then you will loose all line tension reducing your speed and making you square up to the wake more and then you will most likely absorb the wake with your knees. This is one of the worst habits that you can get into.

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