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azpowerhouse 12-09-2007 9:44 PM

I believe the 06 and 07 are similar, with the corners not being as rounded. Any of you have any experience or info on these boards? <BR> <BR>05 I can get used for $50 to $75. <BR>06 I can get used for $75 to $110. <BR>07 I can get new for $200. <BR>08 Is this the same as the 07 (graphics and all), or when is the actual 08 coming out? <BR> <BR>I have seen the graphics, how do the riding features change, weight distribution, board material? <BR> <BR>Also I am 6'2 and 195, is the 39 inch too small? I am mainly looking at the 42 inch. <BR>Thanks guys!

scott_a 12-10-2007 8:44 PM

05-06 Byerly skates are the same. The 07 and 08 Catalyst 2.0 is also this same shape if you're looking for that particular shape. <BR> <BR>07 is the same as the 08, just different graphics. If you skateboard a lot and dig that skateboardy concave, I'd check out this skate. It's got a really over-exaggerated concave that totally locks your feet in. <BR> <BR>Go for the 42 inch. <BR> <BR>Demo if possible, but if you can't then look for one cheap so you can sell it if you don't like it and not be out too much money.

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