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chad_wick88 12-08-2007 7:29 PM

hey guys im 5'10 170 and my mom got me a 39 byerly. to be honest she didnt know what she was getting me and got this for a discount price because of some grip tape damage. i was wondering, even though its a 39. it still is a really thick skate what effects would this have? compaired to going to a 42

wakemitch 12-08-2007 7:43 PM

the 39 is going to be easier to throw around. the 42 would give you more surface area for a wider stance and also more room for error when catching the board. <BR>you should be fine with the 39. its not a true 39" board its really bigger. its weird. <BR> <BR>the skate is thick because it has exagerated concave. it gives you increased leverage for edging and for ollies. some people find it extremely awkward will others dig it. <BR> <BR>ride it and have fun. <BR>welcome to wakeskating <BR> <BR>be prepared to never wakeboard again....

azpowerhouse 12-08-2007 9:08 PM

I was looking at the same board, i am 6'2 195. I was leaning towards the 42, would the 39 be too small? Thanks.

wakemitch 12-08-2007 9:57 PM

youll probably want the 42 so you can have a wider stance because youre taller but its all personal preference

azpowerhouse 12-09-2007 9:48 AM


chad_wick88 12-09-2007 10:45 AM

thanks mitch thats what i was thinking it would be a lot looser board allowing me to do more things with it but landing will be a litter harder.

j_king 12-13-2007 6:38 PM

Hey jason i am 6'1 and 175 and i wouldnt want the 42 too big, if you are a previous skater the 39 is amazing ive ridden a few byerly boards and the legacy 39 by far is a insane skate feel wakeskate

gtalkiehotmailcom 03-09-2008 9:17 PM

hey im grant, today i rode my friends 39 byerly, i was able to get great pop on pop shuvs, 180s, and inside out shuvs and 180s, i am curious how much differetn is the bigger board??

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