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aubuchon03 11-27-2007 7:07 PM

Just wondering with all the commotion of the 08 hyperlite product line, if there was something from 07 that you thought was good. <BR> <BR>Boards / Bindings / even ropes- handles etc.. <BR> <BR>I thought that the 3ds bindings were pretty suffice, and the the carbon handles were OK. <BR> <BR>As for the boards - didn't try any out! <BR> <BR>What is everyones thoughts

chrism4668 11-27-2007 8:35 PM

Murray bindings are awesome!!!! I ride the 06 murray board which is the same as the 07 it is good but i think the 08 murray board will be better undecided on 08 binding atm

nick_in_ssp 11-27-2007 8:44 PM

I bought a Byerly 56" that must count, rode it twice but seemed really sticky on the water. Can't wait to try it again next summer. Everything I ride is going to be different next summer though. Different boat new board, bindings, rope, handle, maybe some more stuff too. I also rode '06 3ds bindings and loved them.

garret_s 11-27-2007 8:47 PM

it was pretty much the same lineup as 06.

cavlxenvy 11-28-2007 11:34 AM

The Byerly wakeskate... that was it for me.

aubuchon03 11-28-2007 1:49 PM

Sorry,I forgot to mention. <BR>I havent checked into Hyperlite in a while (so any 06' products that were the same for 07 COUNT).

arizonarider 11-28-2007 2:42 PM

I have an 06 Premier with 06 Murray's and i'm in love with it. I demoed a ton of boards and bindings and decided on it last season. I want to try the 08 without the abs sidewall, and the B-side for sure.

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