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brhanley 11-20-2007 9:21 AM

Anyone have any tips? We had a crew full of fools trying this on Sunday who all have the crow dialed in. Seems like the board would just shoot away if we went for the pop; if we went for the grab, we'd usually go out the back and lose pop. Lots of times we were fairly close to the grab, but no cigar. Anyone got any trick thoughts that worked for them?

robertr720 11-20-2007 1:43 PM

I grab my regular crow but can't grab it switch. If I am going to grab it I try not to think about it to much but have to just do it cause if I come in the whole time thinking about getting the grab then I don't pop right and then the rest is bad from there. I grab the board mute and melon (melon seems easier to get but it makes me pull the board behind me if I hold the grab instead of just tapping it. Mute keeps me sucked up but sometimes causes me to overrotate the spin a little.) I just cut in a little harder than my normal crow and bend my front knee more so that at the wake I can stomp the trick harder and when I do this it makes it easier to bring my knees into my chest and the board seems much closer. When I do them properly the move feels very stalled out then comes around really quickly,(Almost like I'm not even going to clear the wake, It feels like that because you get more of a lofty straight up pop) Also if you do more of a laid out scarecrow then it will be much harder to grab then one that is done like a frontroll to late 180. I also stare right at the board off the wake and that seems to help.

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