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wakechica 11-19-2007 7:33 AM

<font color="aa00aa">Are there any Girls in South Carolina who ride?</font>

ridinsidewayz 11-25-2007 7:47 PM

Um I gotta sister, well two of them and a 2000 Super Air Nautique on Lake Hartwell... And a girl riding buddy named Ronni that lives on the Clemson Campus. If you're looking for a boat full of chicks to ride with, then I can't help you.... But if you're looking for a roughly 50/50 ratio of girls/guys in a boat with a nice wake, I'm up there every weekend from April to October. We just ride and chill, make a day out of it and learn off of each other. Age ranges from 15 to 28, skill ranges from surface 180's to one of them has a mobe and a cab 540.. And the rest (me) somewhere in between there <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>. Any unanswered questions then feel free to IM/email/PM. <BR> <BR>-Robert.

wakechic2786 02-17-2008 6:23 PM

Yup! I'm a SC girl myself! I am in Gaffney. Which is kinda between Spartanburg and Charlotte. Most people have never heard of it. I just started riding 2 years ago. I'm picking up my new boat this week. It's a 2001 Moomba Mobius. Always looking for lake buds!}

wakechica 02-18-2008 6:14 AM

Awesome I know where Gaffeney is.Congrats on the new boat! I started riding about 6 years ago and then quit with it and just last year since I found out about the INT league in South Carolina I started riding seriously again. I would love to come ride with ya. I have an 18' inboard/outboard that I am working on right now that I will be riding behind so you are welcome to come ride with me as well. I live down in Charleston.

wakechic2786 02-18-2008 6:34 AM

What is the INT league in SC? I'm still new to wakeboarding and I haven't heard of that.

wakechica 02-18-2008 6:42 AM

The INT is where you can compete in competitions against people in your skill level. I competed in the Womens Entro Division last year. Here is the webpage <a href="http://www.intleague.com" target="_blank">www.intleague.com</a> then just click on south carolina and it will tell you everything you need to know, if you have any questions just ask me. Also here is my email addy <a href="mailto:wakechica21@yahoo.com">wakechica21@ya hoo.com</a>

wakechic2786 02-18-2008 6:56 AM

Thanks! I'll check it out! Maybe after I get some practice on a real wake I get join! I've never rode behind a wakeboard boat before! All I ever had was my dad's 1978 hydrasport. It was just a small pleasure boat with an outboard 140 on it. I'm stoked about this summer! It can't come fast enough for me! I saved your email! Mine is on my profile! Thanks Girl!

wakechica 02-18-2008 7:24 AM

Yea I ride behind a 1990 17' Keywest Center console right now. I can't afford an actual wakeboard boat. A friend of ours gave us an 18' Bowrider Inboard boat but it needs a lot of interior work, such as new seats and a new floor so thats going to be my new ride this summer, I'm planning on putting a tower and some fat sacs in it, so hopefully it will throw a nice wake. its gotta be better than the center console.LOL The INT is a lot of fun, you meet a lot of great people who are willing to help you out. It would be great to have another girl join, there was only about 6 or 7 of us including the little kids that were wakeboarding. They also have divisions for slalom skiing, kneeboarding and wakeskating.

texasintleague 02-24-2008 10:25 PM

wakechica, what part of SC are you in? Check out the Southtown Riders in Fort Mills they have a lot of good girl riders and a great bunch of wakeboarders! Greetings from Texas INT!!

wakechica 02-27-2008 8:27 AM

Patrick I am in the Charleston area near the coast. How can I get in touch with the Southtown riders?

texasintleague 03-03-2008 9:03 PM

<a href="http://www.southtownriders.com/" target="_blank">http://www.southtownriders.com/</a> <BR> <BR>tell 'em I sent ya!

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