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05-21-2001 8:24 AM

I just got a Moomba Outback and am totally new to wakeboarding. Any tips on getting up would be a real help. I tried yesterday and the rope kept getting yanked out of my hands. I am about 6'3' and 250. do I need a really hard acceleration or a slower pull. My wife and I have never driven a tournament style boat and are looking for advise.

and you are slowly being pulled along 05-21-2001 3:49 PM

hey man. it sounds to me that you start the boat to early... Wait until the rope is comptletely streched out (and you are slowly being pulled along) until you accelerate. In the beginning it may help if you only accelerate a bit until you get your board straight and balance right before u plane the boat. <BR>&uml;Good luck

05-22-2001 11:31 AM

thanks, my wife was just hitting it way to hard! She went really slow and I popped right up.

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