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clay_fraley 11-04-2007 8:22 PM

Ok Ive only tried it a couple of times but am extremely close, I land with to much weight on my toes, what causes that? <BR> <BR>any tips greatly appreciated

robertr720 11-08-2007 8:51 AM

over rotation would be my guess. I can't do them but my buddy does and when he goes bigger than expected he will over rotate and land on his toes either causing him to catch his back edge cause he can't stop spinning or he will continue to edge toeside back into the wake and have one of those I've never been on a board looking moments, HaHa. He sticks them clean when he seems to get the handle late and then the rest of the trick will look very floaty, if he gets the handle early then he does the rotation very quickly and lands on his toes or eats it. It is very entertaining to watch him miss the handle completly then fly away from the boat upside down.

clay_fraley 11-08-2007 6:49 PM

haha, Ive only missed the handle once, and honestly it was pretty fun! haha, but yea I pass the handle pretty early, thats probably my problem. Thanks for the help man! next time I go out Ill give it another shot

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