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mrdenial 10-27-2007 5:47 PM

I have an 01 Tige V-drive with a heater. <BR> <BR>I decided to try something new this year. I directed all of the exhaust water into a bucket. I filled this bucket up with antifreeze and hooked up a fake-a-lake to the bucket. The antifreeze was circulating, but I'm not 100% sure if it was ever recirced through the block. I'm pretty sure it was because the thermostat was opening and closing, etc. I think one of the problems that I created for myself is that the anti-freeze being dumped into the bucket was really hot, so I started overheating the engine. <BR> <BR>The other strange problem I have is that my heater lines are not getting hot...I ran the boat for 10 minutes with a fake-a-lake at about 2500 RPMs, and the lines were cold...any ideas? <BR> <BR>The reason I wanted to do this method is that it's easy with one person and i figured I wouldn't have to blow out the lines to the heater core...

showtime 10-27-2007 8:13 PM

how and why was the engine overheating w/ the coolant, but not circulating thru the block... <BR> <BR>seems to me you've got it licked.. if the water/coolant mixture was that hot, the t-stat had to open.. and definitely had to run through the heater core... <BR> <BR>i say you're done...

wakesetter101 10-27-2007 9:03 PM

I just pull the lines off my heater and blow compressed air through it. That way i know whats in there. Also leave the lines off.

azpowerhouse 10-28-2007 1:56 AM

fake a lakes are good up to 1500 rpm, after that they do not supply enough to cool the engine (from what I have been told, to do's, and not do's) Maybe thats the overheating. Personally I hit the gas a few times up to 1500, then just let the boat run, I could be wrong, and I dont winterize......

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