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spherren 10-23-2007 11:42 AM

06 v-ride, appears the preload tension on the tower is tighten all the way. With speakers and racks on tower is is awful heavy. Anyone have had this problem? Want to modify to make more tension. Anyone done this with any luck?

jv210 10-23-2007 4:11 PM

So YOu have the nut all the way in? If so mabey you can double up the springs, or get a stronger spring.

spherren 10-24-2007 10:05 AM

I was able to modify the tensioners to achieve the results that i wanted to lift it by myself. Works great now.

gwnkids 10-24-2007 1:58 PM

did you just tighten the nut more?

spherren 10-24-2007 3:14 PM

No, I pulled the spring out, removed the aluminum end cap, drilled out hole larger to let eyelet where the spring connects to the adjustment bolt slide through the aluminum end cap about .75 inch more putting more tension on the springs. Had to installed a oversized spacer and washer to help aid adjustment. Let me know and maybe I can draw a diagram. Should have taken pictures.

gwnkids 10-25-2007 12:50 PM

WOW thats a lot more than tighting a nut. How long did it take and is it a 2 man job? <BR><a href="mailto:gwnkids@yahoo.com">gwnkids@yahoo.com</a>

spherren 10-25-2007 6:06 PM

took me about 1.5 hours and I did it alone.

spherren 10-25-2007 6:23 PM

Ok, I drew a diagram. If you loosen the tension nut untill you can remove the spring from the cable, the aluminum end cap on the tension asymbly will come out as in diagram. As you can see in the before drawing the eyelet that the spring connects to that adjusts will only adjusted till fully seated on the jam nut at the end of the eyelet. If you remove this nut and drill out aluminum collar so the eyelet can travel into the collar plus install a spacer that will fit over the eyelet end so the tension nut can be tighten all the way till the eyelet is flush with the aluminum collar. This added about .75 inch more adjustment on my v-ride. Helps enough so I can lift by myself will the 2 racks, and bimini on the tower. Modify with tower up. Hardest part is getting to the tensioner nut. I removed the 2 carpeted panels behind the rear seat in the storage compartments to make is easier. Let me know if this helps.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/514349.jpg" alt="Upload">

azwakekid 10-25-2007 6:41 PM

scotter your profile picture is very nice

gwnkids 10-25-2007 8:11 PM

Looks good, I am going to give it a go after the game

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