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chaser 10-20-2007 1:34 PM

My father in law just bought a 2007 centurion lightning. Can someone recommend a decent priced set of board racks. He said the Centurion ones were almost a grand and was looking for something maybe a little less. Thanks.

puckinshat 10-20-2007 2:22 PM

I am very happy with my monster tower racks. Go with the polished, not the chrome. Way easier to keep clean and in good condition.

nasty530 10-20-2007 2:38 PM

polished not chrome? are you sure on that one? from my experiences, chrome has been much easier to keep looking good...

seanmcd 10-20-2007 5:35 PM

Monster Racks are great.....And removable, which it so nice. <BR> <BR>I also have the Monster tower mirror mount, again, the quick release makes it so easy to take off and put on. Highly recommended! <BR> <BR>Sean

sidekicknicholas 10-20-2007 5:48 PM

I got some off ebay, the guy selling them was Rio... they were super cheap, work awesome... lots of sizes... look good too

99_slaunch 10-20-2007 6:24 PM

Polished can be repolished. Once chrome peals/pitts you're screwed. STAY AWAY FROM Wake Design racks!!!! They are CRAP!!!! I have a pair of Fluid Concept racks that have worked out great for me.

supreme_rob 10-21-2007 9:53 AM

Fluid concepts are the way to go!

malibuboarder75 10-21-2007 2:44 PM

Lucky Devil Designs.

evil0ne 10-21-2007 2:48 PM

DO NOT buy anything from Wake Designs, biggest pieces of crap I've ever seen.

ridininmd 10-21-2007 7:29 PM

2nd for Lucky Devil, great racks, great price.

mlb75 10-22-2007 2:46 AM

I second the polished vice chrome especially if you live anywhere near saltwater. If you're strictly lake then you shouldn't have to much of a problem with the chrome but I'd still recommend the polished since if you do have any corrosion it can be polished right out to look just like new again whether that's next week or 10 years from now.

cbk 10-22-2007 6:59 AM

NO question...Go with the Monster Racks. Best fit, best price, Best service. I have put countless pairs of Monsters on boats and have zero complaints.

xstarrider 10-22-2007 7:21 AM

Proflight used to do Centurion racks. Loved them as they were rubber coated rather than just having rubber inserts. Never left a mark on the boards and the racks held up very well. Could get the Centurion engraved and if I recall they werent to expensive at all comparatively speaking.

deltariderscom 10-22-2007 9:25 AM

Nice Rack is one of the best finish and quality racks on the market. Check them out for sure before you buy anything. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.nice-rack.com" target="_blank">www.nice-rack.com</a>

pfort 10-22-2007 9:31 AM

I like the monster racks-price and looks. I like the ability to take them down when towing, keeps them nice and clean

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