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ghostrider_2 10-20-2007 9:22 AM

how do you lube the steering cable and how often?

masonwakerider 10-20-2007 9:27 AM

you cant lube the cable it's self, it is a sealed unit. There are lube points on your helm (under you dash) and on the rudder. They both have zerk fittings so you have to use a grease gun, with marine purpose lubricant. I do them once a year in the spring when im dewinterizing. If your steering is tight it may also be time to replace the cable, they seem to wear out every 5yrs or around 500hrs. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by masonwakerider on October 20, 2007)

ghostrider_2 10-20-2007 12:58 PM

can you use the same marine grease you use in the bearings on your trailor? Also can you over grease them and blow a seal or will it just ooz out?

tuffenuff 10-20-2007 3:05 PM

I've been using the same grease as I use on my trailer bearings for 2 seasons now. Nobody has said anything against it nor have I pumped it in hard enuff to ooz out any seals. My boat is an older boat and as soon as the grease doesn't loosen up the steering (which has been doing the job so far), I'll replace the cables. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself..

ghostrider_2 10-20-2007 4:43 PM

ok I just looked and I didn't see a lube point on my rudder or anywhere under the dash. She's a 2005 Sanger V215.

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