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merge360 10-18-2007 4:26 PM

Anybody out there willing to help me out? I hope so.... Just got my hands on Adobe PP 2.0 and purchased a Sony DCR-HC36 (just a little throw-down camera)to shoot some riding. Problem is, PP 2.0 shows in the "Capture" window that the device is "Offline"... Is there something I'm missing? A setting perhaps? I don't know... I have tried everything I know how to do, now I'm calling on the "Video Gods" of WakeWorld! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

richd 10-18-2007 6:53 PM

Some obvious stuff but I'll throw it out all the same. Make sure the camera is powered up and in VTR mode when you plug it in via your FW cable (or usb if applicable) I know with final cut it sometimes won't recognize the device if it's offline when the SW is opened. Also ck the cams playout mode is set to the port you are controlling it with as some cams direct video out/communications only to the port specified in the camera setup. Lastly make sure the capture settings/driver in premiere are set to the protocol (probably sony firewire) that your cam uses. HTH

10-18-2007 8:21 PM

Turn your camera on open PP Pro 2 click on capture then on settings on Device Control set it on DV/HDV Device Control click on options on Video Standard NTSC Device Brand Sony Device Type GV-1000 Timecode Format Auto Detect Check Status Online if not restart your camera

merge360 10-18-2007 10:13 PM

Rich and J.L.... I tried everything you all have suggested.... No luck. <BR> <BR>Rich... "SW'.... Not sure what the abbreviation is... Could you help me out. And you said "the capture settings/driver in premiere are set to the protocol (probably sony firewire) that your camera uses"... <BR> <BR>Where do I find that info? Meaning the protocol that my cam uses? <BR> <BR>J.L.... I tried everything you suggested... Under the "device type" all I found was GV-D1000, not the GV-1000.... Yes, I tried it anyway, but still had the same results... <BR> <BR>I appreciate the suggestions.... <BR> <BR>I tried to "capture" the footage with the software that came with the camera and it worked like magic! No problems! That's why I think there's a setting or something I'm still missing in the PP 2.0....

10-18-2007 11:03 PM

when you turn on your camera do you get a sound that tells you it see's the cam a auto play window pops up and asks you what you want to do capture with windows movie maker? adobe premiere Pro ? Or other options . If no sound or no window i would check your firewire are you using a fire wire card ? video card ? have you tried to capture with windows movie maker if you can its your PP pro reinstall pp Pro . If you can't capture with windows movie maker check your device manager on your PC check the 1394 drivers

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