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suprasteve 10-18-2007 7:39 AM

what experiences have many of you had from going from the stock prop to the wakeboard prop. I'm definitely looking for better hole shot to get on plain faster when theres 6-8 ppl in the boat and near 1500lbs of ballast. <BR> <BR>Is OJ and Acme the only main players in V-drive props arena?

nauty 10-18-2007 8:15 AM

After 2 years I finally got around to upgrading the stock prop on my 22SSV. I cannot believe that I waited so long to do it. The difference is amazing. I no longer need to keep the wake plate all the way down to get on plane. Even with 2400 lbs of ballast the boat gets out of the hole like there was no ballast at all. Perfect Pass also holds speed much better during turns. No more surging after the turn. <BR> <BR>I went from an OJ 14x18 to a OJ 14x14.25. I did lose some top end speed, but the trade off is well worth it. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nauty on October 18, 2007)

acurtis_ttu 10-18-2007 8:46 AM

Liek Richard said...it's nite and day, you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. I upgraded mine as soon as I got the boat this time.

suprasteve 10-18-2007 9:33 AM

where did you guys find the best deal on one of these props at? <BR> <BR>has anyone had any luck w/ this prop: <BR><a href="http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/supra_v_drive_propellers/acme_4_blade_propeller_857" target="_blank">http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/supra_v_drive_propellers/acme_4_blade_propeller_857</a>

nauty 10-18-2007 10:09 AM

The 857 that you listed from wakeside is only half way between your stock and the 14x14.25 as far as performance goes. It will be an improvement from your stock prop, but it won't be the night and day difference that we're talking about. <BR> <BR>You can find them much cheaper than Wakeside. Delta props (formerly propellersonline.com) has them for $475: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.deltaprop.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=238&amp;cat=%2A%2AOJ+XM P+Edge%96+4+Blades+%28Tapered+Shafts%29%2A%2A" target="_blank">http://www.deltaprop.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=238&amp;cat=%2A%2AOJ+XM P+Edge%96+4+Blades+%28Tapered+Shafts%29%2A%2A</a> <BR> <BR>You can also get a great deal from Skiertoskier.com However, you'll need to e-mail them first and ask for a price list. I basiclly did some shopping online to find the cheapest price and then found a local dealer to match the price. <BR> <BR>You should also contact Eric at OJ props to get some advice as to the exact model that will best fit your application.

chikara22 10-18-2007 4:34 PM

Makes a huge difference in my boat (06 21V with the 14x14.25 OJ prop) versus a buddy's 21V with the stock prop.

24_ssv 10-19-2007 6:55 AM

Made a huge difference on my 24 SSV as well. went from the stock 13x17 to the 14x14.25. Only lost about 2 mph on the top end.

h2omantx 10-22-2007 10:17 AM

I second that! This is a great prop and you will notice a fuel savings! (As long as you don't run around in the 30s all the time.) <BR> <BR>A buddy of mine just changed out his prop on his 22ssv last week and is noticing a difference as well. It accelerates very quickly and he is getting more hrs out of his tank of gas. <BR> <BR>Get one. You wont regret it. I have a 24ssv-gg and used the 14x18 last year and the 14x14.25 this year and love how it performs. No matter how many people and how much ballast I have in the boat it accelerates quickly, keeps speed in turns and maintains a steady speed.

suprasteve 10-22-2007 10:23 AM

Larry, <BR> <BR>where did you get your 14x14.25 prop from?

cdtex14 10-23-2007 8:15 AM

Like everybody else is saying. 3k lbs + crew, no problem

pfort 10-23-2007 3:15 PM

Worth the upgrade, I upgraded my 24 this year form the stock and it was a world of difference. It came as an upgrade on my new 22. The dealer in Dallas pretty much upgrades it on all the new Supras, that should tell you how much better it is. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by pfort on October 23, 2007)

jon_a 10-23-2007 4:00 PM

Patrick Fort, <BR> <BR>I will back that. I order every Moomba and Supra v-drive for stock with the wakeboard prop except for the Moomba Outback V.

loudsubz 10-23-2007 4:19 PM

is the 14X14.5 prop a good choice for any inboard boat? <BR> <BR>I have a 95 Ski Ray with 5.7 Mercruiser and I am going to definately get it repropped before summer next year.

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