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liquidlite 10-18-2007 7:28 AM

putting the boat away this weekend and want to give it a thorough cleaning...anything out there that is highly recommended??? any homemade ideas??

j_money 10-18-2007 7:32 AM

I have found a product from sprayway called Crazy Clean that works really well on vinyl!!! either that or the typical armor all all purpose cleaner, 409 works good!

absoluteboarder 10-18-2007 7:50 AM

......I know a lot of marinas here use orange glow......which I found was good for light to moderate cleaning......but I found the 3m vinyl cleaner could get the deeper stuff in the vinyl texture out better.

acurtis_ttu 10-18-2007 8:42 AM

3m stuff is the best I've found and leaves a protective wax on your vinyl.

coldlake 10-18-2007 8:56 AM

MC says do not use 409 or Fantastik, see below. I highly recommend Lexol Vinylex, which cleans and protects. It's similar to 303. For stubborn spots, hit with Mr Clean Magic Eraser, followed by Vinylex or 303}. <BR> <BR>ACCEPTABLE UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS <BR>MasterCraft Vinyl Dressing <BR>Vinyl Finish Vinyl Cleaner <BR>Dish Soap (such as Dawn or Ivory) <BR>303 High Tech Fabric Guard™ <BR>UNACCEPTABLE UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS <BR>409 (it states not for use on vinyl!) <BR>Fantastik <BR>Murphy’s Soap <BR>Simple Green <BR>DC Plus <BR>Armorall <BR>Top Kote Sealant <BR>Son of a Gun <BR>Orange 88 Degreaser <BR>Roll Off <BR>Bleach/Baking Soda <BR>Turtle Wax/Tar Remover <BR>APCO <BR>Tannery <BR>Harbor Master <BR>Any product not listed above in the list of Acceptable Upholstery Cleaners!

deuce 10-18-2007 9:07 AM

<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/450927.html" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/450927.html</a>

chris_tige_20v 10-18-2007 12:41 PM

I second the Mr. Clean magic eraser. My vinyl looked trashed and use the eraser with a bucket of water and elbow grease and made it look new. Try it and you will always use it. Just hit it with protectant after and all is good

lionel 10-18-2007 1:02 PM

Magic erasers, followed by 303. You'd be amazed how much dirt the magic erasers can pull out of vinyl!!

liquidlite 10-18-2007 1:26 PM

sweet deal...just picked up some 303. <BR>EJ- did you use the protectant on the fiberglass hull? <BR>what about solid wax out there???

deuce 10-18-2007 1:35 PM

Yes, I use the protectant on everything but the windshield glass, carpet &amp; cover after every use. I go through the stuff by the gallon. It is cheap sunscreen/protectant and makes the boat shine.... <BR> <BR>I also wax with Meguiar's 1-2 times a season.

lionel 10-18-2007 1:41 PM

I second Meguiar's premium boat wax once a season, babe's boat bright all the time!!

iagainsti 10-18-2007 2:30 PM

Babe's Seat soap and magic erasers work flawless for cleaning. I used to follow up with 303 after the intial cleaning but the 303 attracts way to much crap and the vinyl gets dirty quicker. I switched to the Babes seat saver which doesnt attract dirt and leaves the vinyl super soft and proctected.

soundbox 10-18-2007 4:03 PM

One I have been lucky with is the cleaner by Malco. They also have a conditioner called PB2. Recommended by vinyl / leather suppliers. Mostly it can only be found in higher end upholstery shops. <BR>Sacramento area boaters can find it here: <BR><a href="http://www.acmetopsandtunes.com" target="_blank">www.acmetopsandtunes.com</a>

nasty530 10-18-2007 4:12 PM

pretty weaking promoting your store in that way soundbox... imo. Pay for advertising if that is why your gonna be here

26lacefield 10-18-2007 4:40 PM

i just got this new product in at my shop called ephx Vinyl Cleaner. its made just for boat vinyl and works really good. i use to use the babes seat soap and this stuff works better than the babes. i don't have a number or a web site for it but try to google it.

aces6692 10-18-2007 7:13 PM

spray nine works pretty good

absoluteboarder 10-19-2007 4:51 AM

.....I hope thats marine spray nine.......because I used to use regular spray nine on my first boat and it destroyed my vinyl...as it weakened the seams and it all came apart.....so now I dont use anything spraynine.

26lacefield 10-19-2007 8:28 AM

theres many products that work really good and so people keep using them but what no one notices is that each time you use the wrong products it take off the protective layer on the seats which protects from the sun and stains. i only use the products that are made just for boat seats

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