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05-17-2001 3:30 PM

Does anyone have any tips on how to do a tumbleturn? I sink everytime I try to pull around. Any help would be appreciated

05-17-2001 11:51 PM

whats a tumbleturn?

05-18-2001 7:58 AM

its where you layback onto the water and spin around 360 on your back with the board out of the water then stand back up. Its a trick that barefooters do alot. I just sink every time I try it so I hope that someone will know better how to do it than me.

05-19-2001 9:17 AM

I think it much easier for "footers" because they're moving incredibly fast. At wakeboard speeds I'm not sure you could pull that one off. <BR>Late

05-20-2001 9:19 PM

I saw an old video with boarders doing it. Do it at the end of your heelside cut out. You have the most speed then. I know footers have to give a good pull on the rope at the end to complete to turn. Footers ride their rump at 22-25mph so you can do it. I wanted to try it when I first started boarding and saw that video, I got as far as a butt slide. I'm going to give it a try this summer. It does look pretty cool, looks like you totally bit it then you pop up. <BR> <BR>Goin back to old school Larry

05-21-2001 8:43 AM

Larry, <BR>You need to keep the rope in and low to your hips. The lower the better. To get your speed up by cutting out hard and then roll to the inside of the turn. Squat low when rolling to your back. This will help you not to dig in.

05-21-2001 10:44 AM

I don't get it. Can someone describe the trick step by step? Are you laying back on your back and then spinning horizontally on your back, or is it something else?

Barton Wakeboards & one of the originators of wakeboarding 08-23-2001 10:17 AM

I learned this trick from Stuart Barton (Barton Wakeboards &amp; one of the originators of wakeboarding). He is in the wakeboarding magazine that had the tree of all the riders a few years ago. He was in the roots. I was fortunate to ride with him on Lake Saguaro in Arizona on New Years day a few years ago. <BR> <BR>I nail this trick every time. I edge out to my strong side and gun it across the wake heel side. I do kind of a skip pop where I go wake to wake really low or you can just cut across the wake absorbing the pop and continuing into the flats keeping as much speed as you can. When you are about ten feet from the maximum distance you can edge out to, you lean back with both hands on the handle just before your butt will touch the water and fall on your back. You want to release your board from the water at about the same time (if you were laying on the ground on your back basically it would be the only thing touching from your neck to your butt). Once your back hits the water, it naturally spins you into a 360. Once the rotation is complete, you drop your board back to the water and ride away. I've been able to land this move with two hands on the rope and also with my lead hand on the rope. Sometimes it is easier to let go with the back hand and pull the rope into your lead hip with your lead hand. <BR> <BR>It is funny on how many people prefer to see this trick from the boat even when you have some nice inverts/spins under your belt. I guess people get a kick out of watching someone pop up and ride away after it looks like they are crashing. <BR> <BR>Good Luck

coast guard approved & thrown in storage just in case you get pulled over by the water police 08-23-2001 10:31 AM

Gary, <BR> <BR>Yes, you are doing the 360 rotation on your back. Try it wearing a orange vest so there is nothing on your back. You know the ones that go around the back of your neck and are just in the front (coast guard approved &amp; thrown in storage just in case you get pulled over by the water police). It is easier since their is no drag from a normal vest that wraps around your whole back. This will give you the feel. Once you stick it go back to your normal vest.

08-29-2001 1:45 PM

Which way do you spin? <BR> <BR>Say you were in a normal heelside cut, left foot forward, cutting right to left, would you spin clockwise or counterclockwise?

08-29-2001 2:50 PM

Gary, <BR> <BR>If you were cutting right to left with your left foot forward, you would spin clockwise. The spin naturally happens if you get your board out of the water after dropping to your back. <BR> <BR>Peace

or not 09-06-2001 5:28 PM

Easier than an orange vest is a padded barefoot suit. Also the padding helps when landing (or not) some other more difficult maneuvers.

scoot 07-23-2002 1:08 PM

If anyone has any pics of themselves doin a tumble turn please post them I think we would all love to see them.(vids would be better)Thanks

ngthing 08-23-2002 3:27 AM

I'm curious what this trick looks like, any vids? I can't do a trick if I can't imagine it!

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