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wakestar517 10-14-2007 4:57 PM

Just wanted to give every one here a heads up that my buddy Zack's 07 one with cell bindings on it (size 12) was stolen out of his truck last night. So if any one hears anything pls let me know. I'm sure it is gone but still pi..es me off. If any one happens to see one at a play it again sports or anything like that it is not hard to pick out there are some small scratches on the bottem one is real distinct it is maybe a 1\4 inch wide and about 10-12" long right down the center not very deep, just came from ollieing bouies (no rails) it also has a real small blemish on the nose from the factory. <BR> <BR>I know how people on here hate theives so I just wanted to put something on here. Zack is a realy nice guy who def. didn't deserve this(not that anybody ever does) and he was super depperesed about it. So anyway thats my rant, and like I said heads up, and not just for this board watch out 4 your own. sorry for the spelling!!

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