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nasty530 10-12-2007 2:10 PM

Just wanted to give props where props are due. I had an issue with a CWB board. Shot them an email, they contacted me within 48 hrs. Had a friendly, helpful rep to talk to and they have gone above and beyond so far. They have not figure out if their gonna warrenty it or just repair it but they have proven to me that they will go out of their way to help and make sure I am a satisfied customer. Thanks CWB, you just gained one for life!

wkbrdr 10-12-2007 2:32 PM

nice work!

jarrod 10-12-2007 2:32 PM

Good stuff. Great people over there. <BR> <BR>Great representation (and great products of course) is why they have been so successful in California.

eubanks01 10-12-2007 2:53 PM

Well, I called them with a chip in my brand new board (after I had ridden it once or twice) and they told me to throw some epoxy on it! :-) Actually, I'm serious. A guy a rode with just bumped it on the gunnel as he was putting my board back in the racks and it chipped off the edge. I was surprised that hitting it so lightly would cause it to chip that badly. The edges of my Hyperlite board didn't split at all after 3 years of abuse.

nasty530 10-12-2007 3:28 PM

I am guessing that is half of the story Eubanks... I had a similar issue and it was explained that there may have been an air pocket in the form which would weaken that area. They are having me send the board in and if they feel there may be issues or long term durability concerns they are going to replace it. If not, they are going to repair it free of charge. Pretty cool in my opinion...

dudeman 10-12-2007 3:49 PM

CWB warranty rocks. Wish they would send someone to SC to help them out a bit. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>

jman 10-12-2007 3:52 PM

Eubanks, i know on my my obrien the warranty registration card says that chips/scratches etc. ( if i remember correctly) are not covered. maybe thats why they told u to epoxy it. obviously depending on the size i'd rather epoxy than ship the board away and wait for it to return.

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