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boarderbabe 10-10-2007 9:05 PM

Hey everyone. <BR>Its been forever and a day since I've been on here... Nice to be back. Anyway, I need some help. For my sociology course, we have to take a subculture and break it down. I've chosen to do wakeboarders. Anyway, I'm from CO and only know the culture here. I have to compare and contrast the differences between riders of the north, south, east and west of America. <BR>I have to explain the following: (Between each area of the US) <BR>-Specific language, words or symbols <BR>-Kids of tools (This can be boats, ropes, yadda yadda) <BR>-Explanation of the sub-culture: the leaders, followers, experts, novices and the purpose of each <BR>-A description of each sub-culture. What they do when they are together and when and why they group. <BR> <BR>This is hard to do since I only know what goes on in CO. Any help anyone can offer would be GREATLY appreciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks everyone. <BR>-Ellie <BR> <BR>Also, if anyone has any videos or pictures they wants me to use, I need as many as I can get. (I know Google has tons, I just thought I'd put in the offer :])

dakid 10-10-2007 9:06 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>By Ellie (boarderbabe) on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - 9:02 pm: <BR> <BR> I've chosen to do wakeboarders. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>sweet! <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>here's a couple differences; <BR> <BR>west coast riders wear boardshorts over their wetsuits. <BR> <BR>east coast riders don't wear boardshorts over their wetsuits.

tyboarder03 10-10-2007 9:08 PM

Joe- hahahaha love where your heads at. <BR>Ellie- DANG!! Sorry I couldn't be of more help I got sidetracked.

dadthedriver 10-11-2007 4:50 AM

Ellie, <BR>Why dont you post a few specific questions that everyone could answer. I am sure you would get a better response. Maybe make each question your subject. just my 2 cents.

dreevs 10-11-2007 5:29 AM

Joe - I wear my boardshorts over my wetsuit. My scuba trainer thought it was a little weird.. <BR>Anyway - I think I picked it up when I rode the Delta a few years back, so you may be on to something.

flackpack 10-11-2007 6:19 AM

Ellie - <BR> <BR>Try looking into the local groups from each area. Try Canyon Lake Wakeboard club in So. CA, DRA in N. CA, Midwest Militia, Dallas Wakeboarding.com in Dallas, etc... Each group can answer your questions with local knowledge. <BR> <BR>I suggest a short list of items you want to focus on the differences by group, and then compile your answers.

bendow 10-11-2007 6:22 AM

people in Norcal only ride CWB...lol

behindtheboat 10-11-2007 6:34 AM

Could boardsports be your subculture, and then you break it down into which boardsports have what social norms and cultures(snow, skate, wake)? The predominant boardsport in a geographical area could be correlated to show why a sport is more common in certain areas. You probably won't get enough information on wakeboarding as it's own subculture for your project.

gene3x 10-11-2007 6:35 AM

This could get interesting. I would love to see the final report.

boarderbabe 10-11-2007 6:52 AM

Hey. :] <BR>Thanks for all the help. I need as many ideas as I can, A-dub, thanks for the great idea. I'll try that. <BR> <BR>I've also tried to do some research about different areas... Keep them help coming :] <BR> <BR>Thanks much!

woreout 10-11-2007 6:58 AM

Come on down to Winter Haven and you'll have some stories for sure. The water temp is 85 degrees and the outside temp is 90 degrees. No Wetsuits here. (yet)

behindtheboat 10-11-2007 7:20 AM

Check and make sure boardsports fits sub-culture and not just a culture. I think it does though. If you must use wakeboarding, I would suggest going back a few years where there was a significant difference between the mentalities of east coast vs west coast, and then the summer fun midwest people. Randy Harris compared to Hunter Brown, Scott Byerly/ Greg Nelson compared to Shapiro, all the "freeriders" in Cali compared to the OWC rats in Orlando. Longer riding seasons vs shorter ones. Availability to boats and lakes is a big factor. Presence of a competitive circuit, the show skiers of the Northern Midwest (Wisconsin), exposure to high level riding. Just ideas that are popping in my head now. <BR> <BR>The trouble is now I think there are two categories, free-rider (someone who rides for the enjoyment found in the action of wakeboarding) and competitive or a "satisfaction" rider (someone who rides for the enjoyment found in success or the attention achieved through riding). Social factors such as income, social status, and social norms are major influences in the wakeboard segment compared to sports such as baseball, basketball, etc. <BR> <BR>Let us know which route you've chosen and we'll help out!

pete_moss 10-11-2007 9:00 AM

I'm from Iowa and there is a huge difference. I'm on this site reading everyday and I'm amazed at the knowledge everyone has about riding in the past. Here in Iowa it's still not as popular as skiing or slalom. Our season usually starts Memorial day weekend and ends Labor day weekend. Although you don't see too many die hard wakeboarders out here that are willing to break out the wet/dry suits. Out here it is extremely difficult to find a group of guys who board competitively. most people do it as a mid-morning activity just to pass some time. <BR> <BR>There is an extreme lack of lakes around here to actually get on. The only time you can really enjoy any good water is early morning (Sunrise) and late evening (half hour before sunset) There are just too many idiots pulling thier kids on the tube along the shore where it's smooth...or where it was smooth until they decided to avoid the middle of the lake and ruin the good water in the coves. <BR> <BR>Income is a HUGE part of the community out here. We all know it's an expensive sport. One thing you'll notice out here is that most people don't even have a tower on their boats!! Let alone the right kind of boat. I know it's probably hard for everyone to understand but it's true. Two weeks ago I got pulled behind a 15 ft 35 hp outboard fishing boat. To put it bluntly...it sucked. There was obviously no wake (maybe 6 inches) It took forever to even get out of the water. We could only get me up if there was only 1 person in the boat (driving) and he had to stand in the nose of the boat and stear behind his back!! It was the only option I had and I still had fun with board slides and ollies. But, that's what brings me to my point. No matter what the conditions there are die hard boarders EVERYWHERE. <BR> <BR>As far as language is concerned I think everyone generally uses the same standard terms. But as we all know each friendship group has its own unique language and style. <BR> <BR>Hope that helps

maliburyder 10-11-2007 9:48 AM

Hey Ellie - <BR> <BR>I hail from the Northwest (Portland). I picked up wakeboarding to supplement my snowboarding during the summer months. I learned to snowboard/ski around the age of seven, so I learned it much earlier than wakeboarding. However, now that I've wakeboarded regularly for the past four years or so, I can honestly say that I enjoy wakeboarding much more. <BR> <BR>In the NW, it rains A LOT in the fall/winter months. Most people up here spend the summer months (April/May - September) wakeboarding and snowboard/ski in the winter (November - March). You will notice that many of the pros in the NW have a "snowboard" syle on the water (Ennens, Brent Starr, Bret V). The wakeboard season is short, but because there's mountains, people are "boarding" all year.

boarderbabe 10-11-2007 12:00 PM

Wow, Thanks everyone. I was beginning to panic but thanks for all the help. I'd love as much as I can get but thanks to those who have already done so much! <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

behindtheboat 10-11-2007 12:08 PM

Now the real question, When is it due?

dococ 10-11-2007 12:13 PM

A-dub, during the time to which you refer, OWC did not exist. <BR> <BR>Ellie, I loved my "sociology of youth subcultures" class back in the day. It might be one of the only classes I never skipped. I'll try to think of some things that would be of interest to you. <BR>In addition to language, consider style of dress. I'm not sure I would focus too much on east vs. west, it's too esoteric, and I believe really it would not have garnered so much attention if it had not been sounding in a way as trying to emulate something that was happening in the rap/hip-hop world. maybe more interesting to compare wakeboarders to other types of athletes, skaters, surfers, football players, etc. <BR> <BR>Also, once you define your subculture, as yourself if there are individuals who ride wakeboards but are not members of the subculture? At what point does one <i>become</i> affiliated into the subculture, and how does that happen? <BR> <BR>I'll think on it some more.

romes 10-11-2007 1:03 PM

hey ellie...when you get this whole thing all done...i'd like to speak with you ab the particulars...i'm ab to start writing my sr thesis so i can finally graduate after 7 years and i'm also thinking about exploring this topic...very very interesting... <BR> <BR>are you writing this all from what your hearing and gathering on the net or are you also using literature to supports your findings?

2007_x2 10-11-2007 1:20 PM

hey ellie i would look through the wakeboarding mag may 2007 its the 50 states of wake issue it show the different wake scenes for every state. if u dont have it let me know i can make copies of it for u and send it to u. send me a P.M.

behindtheboat 10-11-2007 1:44 PM

Thats true, was merely giving ideas of the different types. Insert "training riders" or trick specific riders instead.

behindtheboat 10-11-2007 1:48 PM

I think she needs to portray how the topic differs through geographic location. <BR> <BR>Sociology kept me in school!!

dococ 10-11-2007 11:31 PM

A-dub, <BR>I agree, "training riders" actually is an excellent description. <BR>That's funny, I took on a sociology minor just so I could salvage my GPA (sort of) after the two-year bender that was my freshman and sophomore years!

ssteele013 10-12-2007 7:52 AM

east coast- Big slat spins, going big, Wrapped long grabed, randall harris <BR>East coast- all around style, more mobe 5's, different verations or spins ( TS HS BS FS ) <BR>Danny, Rusty, Shane, PB, alot more comp riders

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