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bruce 01-28-2003 12:59 PM

I used an airchair once and it was a hoot! Which one is a good one to start with and is there anyone in the DFW area that rents them?

01-28-2003 1:22 PM

Bruce, I don't know for sure, but I don't believe anyone rents them. If you choose to buy, I suggest a Sky Ski. There are those who swear by Air Chair, but I've ridden them both and own a Sky Ski, and there are many like me. Possible places to look....Ebay, the classified section of <a href="http://www.skyski.com" target=_top>www.skyski.com</a>. Used skiis sell for as low as $500. Check out <a href="http://www.foilfreaks.com" target=_top>www.foilfreaks.com</a> for tutorials. <BR>Get ready to become addicted.

jrudd 01-28-2003 9:29 PM

Texas Mastercraft in Irving rents them. I believe that you can rent one and the money goes towards your final purchase. I agree with Jonathan, go with the Sky Ski. That is also the only one they rent. Call and ask for Amanda, 972-399-0111. <BR> <BR>Justin

01-29-2003 6:33 AM

I've ridden both. I'll be the first to say the 'new' style AC is amazing. Twice the pop with 1/4 the effort compared to the Sky Ski. ( with pro blade config ). <BR> <BR>The main drawback, for me, is you need glass to ride it. A bit of chop and you have to slow the boat down, porpoise (sp) like the devil and wait until the next patch of glass. You cannot control the bouncing, period. I even moved the seat forward, which helped tremendously, but still had to deal with it. I had alot of help from Bob Wooley trying to correct this, the service of Air Chair was great as far as I'm concerned. <BR> <BR>If you're always going to be foiling in glass, it's an excellent choice. <BR> <BR>Now, I foil in everything. Rarely, do I see glass when I foil ( I pull the HO out and try to get a set in ). The Sky Ski was a better choice for rough water foiling. Hands down. <BR> <BR>So, if you're always in glass, like a private lake, I'd highly recommend the AC. With the three blade configurations, it's very good from the beginner level to the pro level. <BR> <BR>If you're in public lakes and rough water, I'd have to choose the Sky Ski. Changing out the wedges will configure the foil to your style of riding. <BR> <BR>Just some food for thought. <BR> <BR>BTW, The AC with the curved rear blade made skidders awesomely easy! You could go for MILES ( a slight exageration ).

bcoppinger 01-30-2003 11:03 AM

I have never ridden I Sky ski, but I would like to compare it to my AC. What does everyone think about the shock tower setup on the sky ski? Is it easier on the body?

magic 01-30-2003 5:43 PM

Bo, I have been on everything but the AirHog. <BR> <BR>I like the SS with the Shock Tower. I find it easier on the body. The LE with shock tower is even nicer but is so much money (~$4,000) <BR> <BR>It does ride smoother and land eaiser that the "rock tower" and both Air Chairs. I find that riding a rock tower, my timing is off. I think you might the same problem at first on the shock tower Skyski (it will be slower to jump) but a really nice ride.

bcoppinger 01-31-2003 5:01 AM

Thanks for the info Sean, I have been riding the airchair for about five years, I just could not see spending all the extra money for the SS. I was just wondering if it was really worth the extra money.

01-31-2003 7:33 AM

Which Air Chair Bo? <BR> <BR>If it's the old style, with single rear blade, then I'd definitely say upgrade to the SS. <BR> <BR>We were able to tune one out of about 15 old ACs that ride just about as well as the stock SS.

01-31-2003 3:21 PM

Bruce - Definitely rent them both, if you don't have friends around with each type that you can test out. There is a sizeable difference between the ride of a Sky Ski and an Air Chair. Generally, beginners think that Sky Ski's are easier to learn to ride. <BR> <BR>

bruce 01-31-2003 6:59 PM

Thanks for all the posts. I'll rent one this summer and see how I like it.

bcoppinger 02-03-2003 11:51 AM

Matt - I have the one with the wedges and the rear blade that can be changed out. I think there are three different ones or configurations.

02-03-2003 1:36 PM

OK, that's the new AC. There's a group of riders IIRC in Tennessee. Go the the yahoo group and see if you can ride one of theirs. <BR> <BR>IMHO, the advanced or pro config is pretty soft in landings compared to a rock tower, or older AC. A larger seat ( two pads ) on the AC and I was very happy. As to the shock/rock towers, it's just a timing thing. It's a softer landing than the AC ni advanced config, but I never needed it. Then again, I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for any more backrolls.

bcoppinger 02-04-2003 9:02 AM

Thanks for the info Matt.

bigfoilin 02-13-2003 2:11 PM

Hey Bruce, don't wait till summer...I live in Lewisville, you can go riding with us and tryout a skyski. We probably have a drysuit that will fit you. <BR> <BR>Email me if you want to go: <a href="mailto:paulc@telpro1.com">paulc@telpro1.com</a>

03-17-2003 3:01 PM

Before you buy, get your hands on a Stealth Air Chair STUBBY. In my opinion it's the best ride on the market. Awesome performance, and no glitching, it's more forgiving, but better performance.

yeaitsmemarc 06-04-2003 8:09 PM

I've owned rode both Skyski and airchair.. I love my skyski and would never go back! It is personal though... best advice is to try for youself... <BR> <BR>PS: Bambi's been working for Airchair ever since I can remember, thus her views are pretty "biased" She is very nice, adn prob. does believe in "her product". I'm just a consumer, I have nothing to gain just like to push the sport

08-08-2005 11:52 AM

Has anyone lost a foil? My first time out on a new Skyski we lost the foil. The single bolt holding the foil either broke or came loose and the foil sank. Skyski hasn't been any help at all. Eventhough the bolt that came with the chair was too short and the chair was shipped with a washer on the ratchet hanle that we weren't suppose to use, Skyski still insists that they have no responsibility. Has anyone lost a foil? Has anyone lost a ratchet handle. Is anyone concerned that the foil is held by one bolt? It was an exspensive day for me. I figure it cost me $300.00 per ride. Skyski insists their design is fine. I can use some suggestions.

08-08-2005 6:36 PM

Lots of people have lost a foil from breaking them... the cast aluminum ones that is. <BR> <BR>I had the same problem as you! I posted out on the yahoo foil group and Sky Ski offered a few suggestions, but didn't seem to care (not even to replace the grey handle). I was lucky and didn't lose my foil though. The ratcheting handle did fall off, but the black knob was still there. Mine was new and I would have lost it on my 3rd run. I was not happy at all. Mine did not come with any washers except the black ones for where the seat tower bolts to the board. The general consensus is "check bolts every run". pfft! Sky Ski should drill a secondary hole with a pin in it for a failsafe - wouldn't add but a few bucks... I deleted all the replies a week ago, so sorry about not being able to share them. The best thing to do is use bolts (smooth in the middle), nuts, and locking washers (all stainless steel). You have to carry a few wrenches, but it's well worth it to keep from losing a foil and a weekend and/or weeks vacation of foiling fun. You still need to check them every few runs. I had a Stealth for 2 years and never had any bolts loosen! The cheesy rubber heel straps also need to be improved but that's another story. Guess it will take a few lawsuits to get them motivated, like most companies. Best thing to do is to just get the Cinch footstays. grr <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0>

11-05-2005 7:41 AM

I bought an Air Chair and used it all last summer (as a beginner) with no problems...Id like to try out a Sky Ski, but there have been so many post's regarding the foil assembly coming loose and people having to constantly keep any eye on the nuts,bolts,and ratchet that hold the foil in place....is this a design flaw?...has this problem been corrected by Sky Ski?...I never once had to tighten or keep an eye on the Air Chair with regards to loosing the foil..(it has a safety pin along with the tightening "knob")..Maybe I'd like the Sky Ski better, but to loose the foil would be an expensive ride......any comments?

bstroop 11-06-2005 8:23 AM

I've ridden the A/C and Sky ski. For me it's sky ski all the way. The shock tower makes for some nice landings also. The newer high end foils have adjustable front and rear wings so they can be tuned to your riding style. The bolts on my older ski got a little loose after a few rides with some big landings. You can easily convert over to a bolt assy. that is lockable. You wouldn't use your boat without checking the oil, so why use your ski without checking the bolts. You mostly get what you pay for with these foils. If your serious about the sport pay the extra for upgraded ski's, there is a major difference in performance. I never thought I would spend 4500 on a ski...............but then I rode one, and now own one. The support I get from Sky Ski is second to none also. I personally don't think there's a problem with the bolts. Some people don't like having the assembled ski in their boat so it has to be easily taken apart. If you don't care and want to be extra safe hard mount your foil to your ski. I'm not brand bashing at all, I just prefer the sky ski over the chair. We had to put some serious shims in the A/C rear wing to get the pop we wanted, which made it pretty uncomfortable to ride. I love the way the SS lands compared to the A/C. They may look similar but they're two different machines when it comes to riding. Ride everything you can and choose what YOU like best.

11-16-2005 6:42 AM

I have had a Ski Ski since 1998. (beginner)I would like to upgrade without shelling out alot of money or buying another one. What parts of the foil do I need to get a extra pop and where do I buy these parts? Thanks alot! PS. I live in Texas. Are there any dealers around the dallas area?

bstroop 12-06-2005 12:46 PM

Laurie, <BR>With the LE 38 on the market now people are starting to part with their LEX foils for a reasonable price. You can just purchase a used foil instead of a whole assembly. That's what I'd do if you want to save some $$. A LEX foil will pretty much take you anywhere you want to go. Eastcoast hydrofoils usually has a few, and Tim will ship them. You can also post a message in the want ads on foilfreaks.com. I have a friend that has a black/red anno'd 2005 2 piece billet foil that he doesn't use, and is in perfect condition..........Or just put a dime under the leading edge of the rear foil of your current setup, you can't find a cheaper upgrade than that. That will give you additional lift.

skyskidaddy 12-06-2005 5:24 PM

Texas Mastercraft in Fort Worth is a Sky ski Dealer..ask for Jimmy ...he's a foiler and the owner...

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