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byrd 10-10-2007 10:06 AM

Just wondering for those that picked non-swivel, why? IMO, the swivel racks are a lot more convienent.

acurtis_ttu 10-10-2007 11:44 AM

I have swivel, and only use the swivel function when I trailer ( rarely) and when I put the boat on my lift. I can't swivel my racks around with two boards w/o hitting the bimni. <BR> <BR>Everyone is so used to using non-swivel racks still.

eaglejackson 10-10-2007 11:46 AM

To me the real issue is clamp (MC-style) or bungie. I have clamps and wonder why every rack isn't that way.

andy_nintzel 10-10-2007 12:36 PM

Adam, <BR> <BR>I am with you, my buddy Colins boat has the swivel function, I dont think that we have ever used it. Maybe once when we tied up next to another boat, but thats it. Not even when we trailer.

maestro 10-10-2007 12:49 PM

Love the swivel function. After using them it sucks going back to standard racks!

woreout 10-10-2007 1:04 PM

Swivel racks that are'nt an after thought are Great. No pins to lose no bungees knocking your eye out, you dont have to stand on the side of the boat to get your board. I love my swivelers.

fmaxturbosi 10-10-2007 1:55 PM

I rarely use my swivels, but it's handy for the girls that arent strong enough to pull boards on and off the racks. I'd rather have them swivel them in then bang the side of my boat with a board.

wake1823 10-10-2007 2:26 PM

Billy, who makes the swivel racks for mastercraft?

clearlakescott 10-10-2007 2:29 PM

Cost for good ones is to high

woreout 10-10-2007 2:47 PM

Gere Marie corp I think or is it Marie Gere? one of the two anyway.

cavlxenvy 10-10-2007 3:01 PM

Swivel racks are nice but there are only a few "good" ones out there. I have a Malibu with an Illusion tower and they aren't really needed as much since you can get to the racks easier than most boats. The bimini is higher and out of the way. <BR> <BR>That being said, I don't like anything on a tower that moves. Over time, they wear down and rattle. <BR> <BR>If I ever had to do swivel racks for my boat, I would go with Titan swivel racks in a heartbeat. They seem to have passed the test. I'm rocking lift off board racks from Titan right now and I love them.

fmaxturbosi 10-10-2007 3:53 PM

Ryan, <BR> <BR>most towers these days collapse and therefore have moving parts. Wouldn't that make all towers prone to rattle?

wakekat15 10-10-2007 5:17 PM

If "the girls" aren't strong enough to get a board off the racks, perhaps they shouldn't try. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard of....boat candy is a better function for them. For you guys with "girls" that can't either a)drive the boat or b) back the trailer, teach them to be an asset and not a liability. And yes, I am a woman!

deltaridah 10-10-2007 5:35 PM

i vote for the swivel racks. they are very convient. my buddy has them, i have non and it doesnt bother me. <BR> <BR>kat those things are nice but so is pulling your weight or better yet so the guys how its done when were docking, pulling up the rope after a rider and stuff like that. very helpfull imo <BR> <BR>(Message edited by deltaridah on October 10, 2007)

spenchey 10-10-2007 7:41 PM

I use them every time i'm out on the boat. It would be a pain for me not to have them.

lfshane132 10-10-2007 9:13 PM

the non-swivel on my 05 SAN 210 are much more convinient than the swivel racks on my shops SAN 220. every time i park the 220 i have to swivel them in even if there is no boards on. they are much more expensive and bulkier making the tower a little heavier and with the size of towers now i want my tower to be as light as possible when taking it down. takes more time to take pin out, swivel in, undo the board, and then find the right place so the pin slides in that to just satnd on the side of the boat and undo our board.

mcwakerider 10-11-2007 12:18 AM

i love ours. Push the pin in, swivels around and is soooo easy to take off and put on the rack.

fmaxturbosi 10-11-2007 12:34 AM

wow Kat, you took it took the girl thing waaaaay to far. it does take a lil bit of strength to swing a board on the outside of the boat and set it in the rack, especially if the wind is blowing. Who said a girl can't drive a boat or back a trailer? Does it take any strength at all to drive a boat or back a trailer? I think not. My point was that it is a lot easier for someone smaller to swing a rack inside a boat, than it is to place a board on a rack outside of the tower. I could have said it's easier for a little kid to swing the rack in, but I didn't. So I guess it's my fault for giving you the opportunity to tell us all how superhuman you are by being a woman, that can place a board on a rack, drive a boat, and back a trailer. My hat's off to you!

mcwakerider 10-11-2007 12:37 AM

its a lot better than doing a balancing act on the side of the boat while to put a board up or take it down...

gene3x 10-11-2007 7:56 AM

So Ryan, you like your Titan racks better than the Mastercraft swivel? <BR>IMO the Roswell one's Supra has are the most covienient but I like the design and quality of the MC swivels best. The Roswell one's are prone to break.

laptom 10-11-2007 8:04 AM

I have the spinners and Flight Clips on our Nautique. Using the spinners about 80% of the time. Boards are going to the Flight Clips when the spinner are full. <BR>The best design in this area is without a doubt the MC swivel racks. Wish CC would get rid of the bunjee straps on the spinners... <BR> <BR>Swivel racks gets my vote. Will not order a new boat without.

ldr 10-11-2007 8:10 AM

We use our MC swivel more when loading and unloading the boat. When we are on the water we try not to use it as much because it just takes more time. The thing that really makes the MC racks functional is the clamp instead of the bungi.

dizzyj 10-11-2007 8:40 AM

I have the old zero flex tower, and its a pain to put boards on the racks. I would love to get aftermarket ones, but the only ones that looked decent are the roswell swivels, but they seem to break a lot. Are there any new aftermarket swivel racks that are decent?

ldr 10-11-2007 9:35 AM

Lighning Boss and skylon all make pretty nice units. <BR> <BR>They are all basically the same. They swing out instead of really swiveling. <BR> <BR>This is the skylon one <BR> <a href="http://www.wakeside.com/page/w/PROD/wakeboard_racks/skylon_aftershock_wakeboard_rack_07" target="_blank">http://www.wakeside.com/page/w/PROD/wakeboard_racks/skylon_aftershock_wakeboard_rack_07</a>

cavlxenvy 10-11-2007 12:51 PM

Jason Peterman (fmaxturbosi) <BR> <BR>Let's just say I have seen my share of things on towers that move, like racks, mirror mounts, etc. You missed my point. Anything that is designed to move will wear down over time. I have seen mirror arms budge, swivel racks swivel when they aren't supposed to. Swivel mounts will wear down over time and rattle. I just replaced 4 mounts the other day. That's all I am saying. In my opinion, stationary gear is the best and most trouble-free. I have had customers INSIST on spinners/swivels and they have since returned them in favor of other items. Most towers in the past are rattle traps. The best towers are three piece... two feet and the top. The newer ones aren't like that now. Most new towers don't rattle anymore. <BR> <BR>Articulating mirror arms... bad. Fixed mirror arm... good. <BR>Old swivel racks... bad. Titan swivel racks... good. <BR> <BR>This is just what I have seen from selling boats/towers/racks but what do I know? I'm only in the industry... <BR> <BR>Yes I love my Titan lift off racks. The ONLY knock on MC racks is there are only two! I run 4 racks all the time.

wakekat15 10-11-2007 5:06 PM

Thanks, I do appreciate the compliment Jason! I've just never seen anyone (male or female) that couldn't get a board off the fixed board racks. I have not, however, had the opportunity to observe young 'uns do so and I'm sure the swivel would be much better for that. I promise not to ever bang your boat while removing a board though!

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