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hoosairboy 10-08-2007 8:50 AM

I know I have heard all the reasons but it doesn't matter. Mid October sucks to have the US Championships. I can tell you I know of many riders, especially kids, who are not getting to be on the water like they should. <BR>1. This year is really an exception but Oct. is usually too cold to ride. <BR>2. It gets dark too early after school and work <BR>3. Kids have too many school activities that interfere with training. <BR> <BR>The US Championships should be when everyone is peeking. I can tell you of several kids that have ridden just a couple of times the 30 days prior to tournament. True, there will be riders and skiers who have stayed on top of their game and will kill it. But most people are not riding like they were at the end of the season. Interview the kids out there this year and ask them how much time they are riding compared to summer. <BR> <BR>Come on, figure out a way to have it no later than mid September. Even August would be ok and I know all about the states trying to finish up and get the paper work in. <BR> <BR>Take a poll- who wants to move the date to be before October? Please respond only if you ride INT and would actually go if you qualified. <BR> <BR>PS- INT is still number one and everyone will have a blast as always. INT rocks- it would just rock better in September.

board2death 10-08-2007 9:34 AM

Its all about the $$ <BR>As long as it attracts the large number of competitors in October then thats where it'll stay. Less competition with WWA or collegiate tournaments and cheaper rental fees for the venues for example. INT walks away from the Championships with pockets full of cash earned from thier volunteers. BTW how much did you pay in entry fees for USC? Good luck to all competing this year

boarditup 10-08-2007 3:56 PM

The USC is about a wash with income and expenses. Nobody makes a wad of cash from the INT. It is a non-profit organization. Rick Stocks, the founder and organizer, is also a volunteer. The paid staff list is quite short for the number of events and members. <BR> <BR>The USC costs what it does because it is well produced and well run. You get what you pay for.

deltawake 10-08-2007 5:53 PM

Roger- It comes down to commitment. The riders who are truly committed to competing well will put other things on the back burner in order to excel at wakeboarding or skiing. Those who do put in the practice time probably will compete well, and they deserve to place ahead of someone else who doesn't have the same level of commitment. Incidentally thats the way a lot of things in life work. <BR> <BR>I say leave it in October, and keep the venue in a more weather friendly place. Bakersfield was great. Louisiana in the middle of hurricane season is a bit risky.

deltawake 10-08-2007 6:02 PM

board2death- I wish that the INT organizers made a killing. They provide awesome events all summer long culminating in the even more awesome US Championships. They deserve to make some money at it. Unfortunately nobody is making a big payday on the whole deal. They do it for the love of kids, and for the love of the sport.

wakedad33 10-08-2007 6:41 PM

This thread appears every year about this time. The powers to be in the INT do a great job and work to try to accomadate everyone. There are arguments both ways, If you start earlier in the year to get your events completed in early Aug., then the people that live in cold climate areas WA, OR, MN. to name a few, a lot of these riders don't start riding until May when it warms up enough to ride. On the other side I agree with Roger, I know in the pacific Northwest the water temp is in the 50's by mid September, so how do you stay on top of your game until mid October. The point is it's never going to please everyone and like Peter said if you are committed you will figure out a way, it's not always easy, we drive 6 hours to Northern Cali to ride starting in mid Sept. So do what you can do, and have a good time with it, the INT is about family's spending time together enjoying the sport they love. My two cents.

dadthedriver 10-08-2007 8:19 PM

Peter is right. Commitment and dedication are the key to success in anything you do. We find the time to ride everyday one way or another. Wetsuit and drysuits will take us through the winter season. We do not just do this when it is nice and warm. We ride in the rain and wind as well as cold temps. Leave it in Oct and move it back To Bakersfield. We are sitting in Baton Rouge as we speak and it is raining with lightning. Good Times. I understand that not all riders like the event in Ca so I dont care where it is just have be warm with a deeper lake please. As kids ride bigger and harder we are just asking for injuries when they have to do the tricks they do off a wake half of what they are used to. All in All INT is a great Family event get out and enjoy it no matter what time of the year it is.

wkbdnbobby 10-09-2007 10:19 AM

Leave it in October.. nationals is the best of the amateurs we should have all season to get our tricks dialed in until October...

kneeboarddad 10-09-2007 3:33 PM

I am with Roger. This is INT, not the pros or the WWA. I am all about committment but INT is about family and not the top riders in the country. I don't believe kids should have to give up everything else they like to do only one sport whether is basketball, soccer or wakeboarding. I see if you are a super grom and do the pro tour and go to Qatar and all that but INT is about FUN. <BR> <BR>I am not coming down on INT and I know they try to accomodate and do the best and do a great job. I am responding to the attitude that this is about winning comps and sacrificing all to win INT. I disagree. <BR> <BR>As far as keeping it in Bakersfield, well I can't respond to that. There is only so much sacrifice you can ask of a parent.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

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