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wakegirl8220 10-05-2007 3:52 PM

im thinking about buying the waterproof case and i was wondering knows if they really work

wkbrd 10-05-2007 4:11 PM

yes they do

wakegirl8220 10-05-2007 5:18 PM

ok thanks..ill buy one

eargasm 10-05-2007 5:36 PM

Boy that was easy!

trojanman 10-05-2007 5:42 PM

I have one of the larger ones for sale if your interested... never used on the lake... only once in the shower.. hahah <BR> <BR>make me an offer

wakegirl8220 10-05-2007 7:05 PM

what ipod does the larger one fit...haha that was easy cause i was already set on buying one just wanted to make sure they work

notsobueno 10-05-2007 8:02 PM

They're awesome. IMO the H2O audio's are better than the otterboxes.

lav 10-06-2007 6:39 AM

go with H20 audios (make sure gasket is in properly) i have read to many horror stories about the otterbox, i have H20 and it rocks but their head phones sound like you are in a trash can. I use skullcandy and never had a problem.

bbking 10-06-2007 7:12 AM

greg!!! i must know what those skullcandy headphonse are, those headphones suck while you're wakeboarding... <BR> <BR>or do you just skullcandy when you don't wakeboard haha

wakegirl8220 10-06-2007 12:26 PM

so what headphones do you buy and from where

rkinsell 10-06-2007 8:32 PM

I heard they sink... be careful

elantz 10-06-2007 8:45 PM

Good call Ryan - They do sink. Curt lost his on a blown BS 180. It came right out of the arm holder thing. I guess there is a lanyard(sp?) that you're also supposed to attach to your arm in case of a bad wreck. He would've saved $500+ if he used it.

lav 10-07-2007 8:46 AM

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-SC-SBB-3-5-Smokin-Black/dp/B000CMTZO8" target="_blank">http://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-SC-SBB-3-5-Smokin-Black/dp/B000CMTZO8</a> several styles to choose from i use mine while wakeboarding but the vol. adjustment on the headphones doesnt work while wet, i crank the vol on the phones then use my adjustment on my ipod

wakegirl8220 10-07-2007 1:57 PM

thanks for all the help!

mike_mclin 10-08-2007 9:41 PM

Wired Magazine reviewed several iPod Waterproof cases. <a href="http://www.dailywake.com/2007/08/07/wired-reviews-4-waterproof-ipod-cases/" target="_blank">http://www.dailywake.com/2007/08/07/wired-reviews-4-waterproof-ipod-cases/</a>

lovin_the_wake 10-08-2007 10:19 PM

They work awesome and if it gets ripped off of your arm it will also float

lovin_the_wake 10-08-2007 10:20 PM

oh sorry I'm referring to the h2O Audio case btw

krkx93 10-09-2007 8:46 PM

do the otterboxes work?

hokiesax 10-10-2007 8:17 AM

the first time i used my ipod nano otterbox i had a fall that wasn't even bad and it popped open and ruined the ipod. Otterbox was cool about it and replaced the ipod and gave me a new box for free. I wonder if in the process of falling its possible to hit the latch with a hand/arm/foot (depending on where you're wearing it) and pop the box open?

wakegirl8220 10-10-2007 5:07 PM

so would the best brand to get be the H20 Audio??

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