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deltaridah 10-03-2007 9:59 PM

hi guys i was looking for some advice on a camera or qualities i need and should look for. I want to spend under 600 bucks. is 3 shots a sec enough or do i need 5?

joshturner 10-04-2007 12:07 AM

Is 5 shots a sec enough or do you need 8 or maybe 11. the point is that the more frames you have the more flexibility you have in shooting, BUT in all honesty a great photographer will do it in one shot. "need" is all completly relative. FPS are certainly nice and its what made me go for the Nikon D200 vs the D80, or at least it was a major contributor in the decision but what i will say is that good glass makes a bigger difference than the camera. one good photo shot through great glass is better than 11 shots taken in one second through crappy glass. save the pennies for the lens' in my opinion. PLUS if you are just gettin into it, by the time you are "acctually" ready for a higher end camera body you will be able to upgrade onto some real kick ass stuff in the future. Go with like a nikon d40 or a d80 and spend the little extra on a good lens set up. <BR>What makes a good lens? well a ton of things but a good rule of thumb is you honestly get what you pay for with glass. if you can afford a lens with an aperature of f/2.8 then get it, but if not then you just limit your shots to good daylight, but honestly there is nothing wrong with that. basically all i am saying is save the pennies for glass becasue lens' are more likly to be a one time buy whereas digital bodies outdate themselves faster than you can take it out of the box, lens' are rarely replaced, which makes them a better long term investment. Go buy a nikon D40 or a canon rebel xti and spend some money on glass and then go shoot. by the time you are rady to upgrade the camera you have will have given you a great bearing on using manual or semi-manual(almost nothing is truly manual these days) settings and then buy a better camera body. you most liley wont be able to out shoot your camera body before you are honestly ready to buy another one. GLASS GLASS GLASS, thats what it really worth the money. <BR>good luck. <BR>oh and PS, dont let anyone on here tell you what to buy or not buy, i know this seems contradictory to what i have said but honestly go into a shop with some research already done, and hold the camera and fire a few frames. and when i say do research first that is one thing that you should take from this, because salesmen are salesmen on most days and will feed you with heaps of crap. if you have your bearings somewhat set on what you think you need before you go in, it will benifit you from the cheesey sleaze of the salesmen. also try to get to a legitamit photo place rather than a best buy or something that way they truly have knowledge of and use the equipment they are selling. <BR>good luck

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