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cody25911 09-24-2007 8:34 AM

With the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam coming to Orlando again with the final stop, Sea-Doo felt it would be fit to break out the 2008 Sea-Doo Wake edition, equipped with the all new ballast, to do the towing in the rail jam finals. With the perfect timing of the release of the 2008 Sea-Doo models, and the Byerly Toe Jam, It was a no brainer to bring the all new Sea-Doo Wake equipped with ballast out for its very first showing to the largest wakeskating event of the year. Unexpected by most, the riders and industry welcomed the new ballast system with open arms. Scott Byerly took a spin on the new 2008 Wake Edition to see what the new ballast was all about, and couldn't believe the difference in the wake. The riders we had time to talk to had nothing but good things to say about this new improved wake (the wake on the water), and also wanted to know when they could get more time on it and see just how far they could take some of there inside out tricks. You could hear the buzz from the riders and the spectators, some wondering what it was, and some had already known of the release of the new ballast, that will be sold as an accessory through your Sea-Doo dealerships. So head over to Sea-Doo.com and take a look at the new 2008 Sea-Doo Wake Edition 215 and the Sea-Doo Wake Edition 155. Also take a look at the rest of Sea-Doo's lineup and let us know what you think. <BR> <BR>Sea-Doo.com

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