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mkperceptions 09-20-2007 1:55 PM

ok so i am using windows movie maker and it does everything I want to do. problem is it crashed every two minutes so making a video take FOREVER. Roxio 6 I have doesnt seem to let me edit the video lenght like movie maker will. What is a decent program that doesnt cost a ton 100.00 or less?

mkperceptions 09-20-2007 2:00 PM

oh yea and I have premier6 but it wont let me compile my pics from my digicam and avi's from my digicam

heem 09-26-2007 8:06 AM

rick, <BR> <BR>I just completed my firt movie of photos and video shot over the past two summers. I also used windows movie maker and had the same problem. It continually locked up and I had to reboot the computer every time. The experience just reinforced my opinion the Microsoft and Windows are junk. <BR> <BR>Sorry I cant help you with what program to use but at least your not the only one who has the problem.

helix_rider 09-26-2007 8:33 AM

Rick... I bought a combo Adobe Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements that gives the beginning user the most useful features of the full Photoshop (pics) and Premier (video), without the cost. I paid $139 for the combo, and have used both extensively. You may end up getting to the point where the full package is necessary, but the Elements combo really does do 90-95% of what most non-pros need.

mkperceptions 09-26-2007 12:03 PM

loren can you compile jpegs avi's and .mov files with photoshop elements/premiere

wakeboardertj 09-26-2007 2:27 PM

premiere elements should meet all of your criteria.

helix_rider 09-26-2007 5:14 PM

Rick, I've only done jpegs and avis...never .mov's, so I can't answer your question with any certainty...sorry.

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