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x_l1quid_angel_x 09-17-2007 4:14 PM

Okay, so this might sound weird =\ .. <BR>but i have alot of guy friends who <BR>wakeboard and like no girls as friends who <BR>board. my best friend kailey jus started <BR>boarding, buts its hard becuz i live in PA <BR>&amp; she lives in SC .. i get to see her a <BR>couple times a year. I`m looking for some <BR>girls that ride, who i can be friends with <BR>and maybee go riding sometime =] <BR> <BR>let me know ! <BR> <BR>-- CH3L

wakechica 09-18-2007 7:20 AM

Hi Chel, I know you are looking for girls where you live but I was wondering if you come down to SC to see your friend and go riding? I live near Charleston, SC if you all want to ride together sometime if and when you come down here.

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