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doug5984 09-13-2007 9:39 PM

I've had a wakeskate for along time, but really I wakeboard a lot more. I'm finally in the market for a new skate, right now I have a 2003 Cassette McGuckin. I'd like to get a board with a foam top, and something for not only me to progress on, but for new people to use as well. <BR> <BR>I'm 5'10, 140...but I'd like a board that works for a WIDE range of people (girls at 100lbs trying for the first time, up to guys at 180). <BR> <BR>Right now my board has grip tape, and while I know some really prefer that- I need to get a foam top... I'd like to get my friends to start wakeskating as well, but it's hard to get them to try to get up when they get cut up by the grip tape. <BR> <BR>Any help on which direction to go with a new board would be really appreciated.

fontain06 09-14-2007 7:32 AM

i learned on a catalyst, and progressed on a catalyst. The 2007 have both grip tape and foam, but the grip tape hasn't cut me up at all yet. I love that board, although it can feel a little heavy when you are first learning to ollie it.

just_board 09-14-2007 4:29 PM

its really easy to learn on a LF Armada, get the bigger board, thats what i learned on and taught probably 5-10 people to learn on (people NOT water-sports inclined) i'm in the opposite position of you, i'm looking to move up from my foam top board into a wood deck - grip tape top board.. any suggestions? <BR> <BR>what do you guys do for shoes?

mickey_e 09-16-2007 8:42 PM

I think one of the best beginner all the way up to pro level board would have to be the Gator Boards Pro Model 42. Everyone that has ridin mine try to buy it from me. Even though I am currently riding a Byerly 42 which I really like my Pro Model is still my favorite. Really easy to progress on. <BR> <BR>As for shoes I used to ride pretty much any of the DVS regular skate shoes. Just received a pair of the UGP Gauntlet's and they are awesome. Definately recomend them.

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