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swiggie 09-12-2007 11:56 AM

im getting into the spins now and sometimes i have trouble transitioning the rope around my body, anyone have any tips?

bhileman 09-12-2007 1:38 PM

When doing any spin the key is to keep the handle close to your body. When you go for your spin really exaggerate bring that handle close to your body, when you do this it will put slack in the rope allowing you to easily pass the handle. Your most likely letting the handle out which keeps tension on the rope thus pulling out of your hands when u go for the pass. Another thing is get on a trampoline and practice spinning until your so dizzy you cant walk, it is all about muscle memory. Hope that helps. Post a video and I can help u more.

swiggie 09-12-2007 3:19 PM

thanks i'll try that, im going down to the lake this weekend so i'll try it out

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