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texastbird 09-07-2007 5:26 PM

The neoprene heel piece ripped out on my 06 Zeus bindings. CWB was very cool about it and sent me a new heel piece, but now that I am going to replace it, I'm having a hard time getting the heel/hinge part off so I can get the ripped neoprene off. Is there a trick to it? I don't want to break the hinge..

proho 09-07-2007 5:51 PM

if youre just replacing the heel rubber you shouldnt need to take the hinged heel off. It makes it easier if you undo the cables (2 screws) then undo all the screws into the hard plastic part. pull out the rubber. not necesary to take the hard plastic piece off and if you do its a lot easier to take out the heel rubber first. there are insert into that plastic piece and you need to compress the hard plastic piece to slide em off the inserts.

texastbird 09-07-2007 7:26 PM

worked like a charm - thanks man :-)

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