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bodie1204 09-07-2007 2:48 PM

Whats a better instructional video for wakeskating? The book (wakeskateing) or Snap?

electricsnow 09-07-2007 4:54 PM

The book is going to be more detailed and will give you a number of things to think about. Snap is entertaining, but is pretty cut and dried. <BR> <BR>Snap has some great bonus sections as well. The book has a.reed's pro spotlight from volume's issue # 2, which is not to be missed by any wakeskater. <BR> <BR>So if you're looking for detailed instruction that may not be quite as entertaining (but remember, this is an instructional and not a freeride video), I'd recommend the book. If you want a few pointers on your trick and a lot of entertainment, get snap.

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