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madvlin 09-06-2007 10:55 PM

after use i let the boat dry out for 1 day after use w seat coushions out. But after I cover it back up there is always moisture on the inside of my cover. Normal? Anybody running fans of dehumidifer's. The boat is new and I dont want the mildew smell

paulw 09-07-2007 5:34 AM

Treat the cover first off. I have a new 06 Xstar and the cover leaked. Get the stuff from West Marine it worked great. I also got a small heater from them, I haven't had to use it yet but were getting close.

rallyart 09-07-2007 7:33 AM

You can get condensation on the inside of the cover from air moisture inside the boat. If it cools at night the cover keeps the heat in and it becomes the coolest spot so the condensation happens there. Any kind of ventilation can help.

zo1 09-07-2007 8:07 AM

we kept our old boat in a slip at the marina with a water proof cover... water proof cover is good to not allow rain in but bad as it does not allow moisture out. <BR> <BR>We always used a pail of damp rid under the cover and it worked like a charm...

mkperceptions 09-09-2007 2:24 AM

i will second damp rid. AWESOME

pnichols 09-09-2007 12:46 PM

I'll third the damp rid.

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