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05-13-2001 4:54 PM

wtf? i thought a hs fronroll was just another name for a tantrum...? like a ts frontroll u roll the board over u like a barrel roll toward the boat. on a tantrum u do the same thing just hs: on a tantrum u roll the board over u like a barrel roll toward the boat. the only difference being that one u like do a front flip and the other u do a back flip, same concept as hs rolls. so why is everyone tellin me that a hs frontroll is like a front flip?

05-14-2001 2:31 AM

I think I saw the difference today. A tantrum is more of a forward somersault motion and the HS Frontroll is like a giant cartwheel. Not sure if that helps.

05-14-2001 5:20 AM

Confucius say: <BR>HS Frontroll = hs cut with a head over heels. Aka Mexican backroll. LOOKS LIKE a frontflip not a cartwheel. <BR>TS Frontroll = ts cut with a head over heels. Again, looks like a frontflip not a cartwheel. <BR> <BR>Tantrum = hs or ts cut, back flip. <BR> <BR>Then you have your hs and ts Frontflips, hs and ts Backrolls which all LOOK LIKE cartwheels. <BR> <BR>Amen

05-14-2001 12:42 PM

Thanks for the tutorial, melanie, it's really hard to sort these names out. With flips called rolls and cartwheels called flips, no wonder! <BR> <BR>Part of the charm of a sport where the first gets to pick the name I guess. <BR> <BR>Anyway, I'm going to cut and paste your little explanation for reference. <BR>Thanks.

05-16-2001 3:57 PM

i disagree....in the "Class in Session" videos, back rolls look nuthin like cartwheels. the look like barrel rolls like all ROLLS do....its an end over end flip not like a nose to tail flip like a "front flip".

05-16-2001 8:23 PM

Damn it!.....For the last time THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HS FRONT ROLL. Some things you do may look like a front roll but the def. of a FRONT ROLL is that it ia toeside. Now can we please avoid this topic in the future!

05-16-2001 9:10 PM

Confucius is a liar. First of all who told this dummy there is such thing as a ts Tantrum? LOL

05-17-2001 9:08 AM

I hate this arguement. It is all symantics. Basically our forefathers were not specific enough when they were naming these tricks. Dont stress over it. It isnt something to argue about. However, it was explained to me in a pretty cool and understandable way. I didnt get it until I rode for a while, then it became logical to me. Imagine youself lying on the floor. Now "rolling" from side to side is the movement of a roll. Now if you were to "flip" forward or backwards it is the movement of a flip. So, Ill probably get totally flamed for this, In my opinion a HS front roll is an S-Bend. Well, what happens on a mexican roll where your moving backwards but doing a front flip like an inward on a diving board? Inward flips have never been something discussed in wakeboarding, but it has been named a mexican backroll, so let it stick. <BR>Just my .02 <BR>Jason

05-17-2001 9:54 PM

Thank You Shane!

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