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vigzz 09-06-2007 5:56 AM

has anyone ever seen the book, if so was it good??

khollin1 09-06-2007 6:55 AM

It's not so great from an entertainment point of view; but if you're looking for some good instruction, I think most would agree that it doesn't get much better than the book series. I bought it and really like it. I've learned a lot from it and figure it's probably one of my best wakeboarding gear related purchases. Also, don't pay full retail for it if you do decide to buy it. You can usually come across the whole set on ebay for around $60.

cwbx993 09-06-2007 7:08 AM

it wasnt bad pretty boring to watch but ya it does help.

erik_a 09-06-2007 8:00 AM

It gave me a lot of ideas for drills to practice for certain areas of emphasis (edging, spinning). <BR> <BR>The Book also breaks down the progression of tricks very well. This will ensure you have the proper foundation to build up to a more advanced trick rather than just throwing it and hoping for the best. <BR> <BR>The first disc is super basic but would be a great disc to have a 1st time rider watch. Might help them get out of the water easier. <BR> <BR>Look for it on ebay, like Keith said above, you can find it for under $60. <BR> <BR>The advanced invert disc is just retarded. It's the way, way advanced trick disc. I started watching it and gave up.

dirtyjerz 09-06-2007 9:08 AM

Does anyone have a copy I could borrow for a couple days? Id pay shipping both ways (Im in Thousand Oaks, Ca). <BR> <BR>Figured it doesnt hurt to try <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> lol

ronnyboy27 09-06-2007 9:11 AM

I would highly recommend picking up a copy especially disc 2. This will help you build a solid foundation to build all of your tricks on.

lovin_the_wake 09-06-2007 9:12 AM

Which one there's like 6 I ripped the 2nd one to my PC and I also have Detention ripped to my PC

byrd 09-06-2007 9:17 AM

Get it, best $60 you will spend on wakeboarding, IMO...

merrion13 09-06-2007 9:55 AM

As mentioned above, pretty basic when it comes to the 'entertainment' features of the DVD, but the instruction steps are excellent. Ronnyboy is right, disc 2 was great for me in building my foundation for tricks later down the line. There is a reason why this DVD set has over 90 reviews on Wakeside.com, and all of them the highest rating.

lovin_the_wake 09-06-2007 10:02 AM

Have you guys watched Detention ?

cwb_fooguitarlz 09-06-2007 11:37 AM

it is DEFINETLY boring...but if you're looking for straightforward instruction, then it can't be beat.

sealyon.net 09-06-2007 1:59 PM

It has great instruction in the first half. Can't tell you about the other half I always fall asleep about mid way through it.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> <BR>It's really good just boring.

eubanks01 09-06-2007 2:25 PM

All I want to know is why they made the intro for each chapter last about 20 seconds??! Other than that driving me crazy the instruction is good. <BR> <BR>Just please ignore the progression tree for the most part. My guess is that 99.9% of people will learn a TS FS 3 before they will learn a switch HS BS 180.

vin 09-06-2007 9:31 PM

i hate that little boat driving around the logo or name, i wanna sink it.

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