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merge360 09-04-2007 8:32 PM

Anyone use the Skylon Aftershock system on their boardracks? Are they only "compatible" with Skylon's racks? Pro's and Con's? Any info would be greatly appreciated...

ccwhite 09-05-2007 5:40 AM

I have an older version of the shock system and I am not a fan of it. To release the shock requires unscrewing a screw (it has a big handle to ease this) maybe 1" (instead of just pulling a pin or a push button. It is a pain to reach the screw when the Bimini is up since the screw is placed on the edge of the rack that is closest to the front of the boat. Also, when relocking the racks the weight of the boards makes the thread whole not allign just enough so that you have to lift up the bottom of the rack so you can screw it back in. <BR> <BR>The newer version of the system looks like it uses a quick release handle that solves my problems. So if you get them, be sure you get the version with the handle and not the screw. <BR> <BR>I do like the straps on the rack, the rack itself and the companies customer service has been nothing but great for me. Im just not a fan of the aftershock product.

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