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05-12-2001 10:10 PM

Hey i would like some tips on landing better and on passing the rope on a air 360 i am getting the air but i always crash and i cant get the rope ever thanks for your time <BR> <BR> Jimmy Allen

05-13-2001 9:56 PM

3's are pretty hard until you get a feel for them. just remeber you dont have to go super fast off the wake, just get a good pop. once youve left the wake pull the rope hard with both hands towards your lower back, let go with your hand thats gonna go around, then turn your head, keep your eyes on the horizon as you go around, reach around and just try to grab your other hand and the handle will be right there. as for landing, that takes some practice to get the timing right, but just have confidence that youre gonna land it. you can spot it too, but you wont have much time. hope that helps. -scott

05-14-2001 7:42 PM

HEY thanks scott i judt got a new wakeboard and binding and i was wondering if it is the problem i just got a hyperlitee drifter 136 and the bindings i got were the belmont lace ups i love them both i have been getting around on the 360's but i just cant get the rope i need to practice more and more. thanks for all your help anymore tips let me know <BR> Jimmy Allen

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