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chaser 09-03-2007 7:31 PM

Was out on Saturday in my 2002 X-star. After about 2-3 hours on the water, I was just idling waiting for a rider to get his board back on after a fall. A steady warning beep started going off. Oil press, engine temp, voltage all looked normal. The boat was running normal. I shut the boat off, took a peek in the trunk and no obvious sign of problems. Once earlier in the season I didn't have the impeller cover tight after changing the impeller and some water was spraying out and somehow that sent the alarm off. Thought maybe that was happening again, but it wasn't. I had my friend start the boat while I had the trunk open and everything seemed normal and the alarm was off. We boarded without any problems for another 2 hours without problem closely watching the gauges and listening to the engine. When I loaded the boat, I was waiting for the 3 boats in front of me and I was idling for about 5-10 minutes slowly and the boat just died. I turned it over and it started right back up, but it has never died at idle like that before on me, and I've put almost 100 hours on it this summer. Any ideas. I'm concerned about taking it out again before I figure out why the alarm was going off?

sulmaxwell 09-03-2007 9:35 PM

depends on your engine...I have an 02-witht eh ltr-my oil pressue send receive unit was acting up so my alarm was going off...might want to look into replacing that...a cheap fix and easy..as for the stalling/???? not sure~!

praisinplaya 09-03-2007 10:29 PM

we have a 00 xstar and had a problem very much like this one. its crazy to think, but what actually worked for us was to change the fuel filter. if your engine is the same as ours it only has an in-tank fuel filter and no inline filter. we called texas mastercraft and they had 2 shipped to us very quickly. I think they run about 20-25 bucks. try this and i hope it works out for ya.

chaser 09-04-2007 7:37 AM

Also, FYI, I have the TBI 310HP Predator engine. Total hours on the boat about 415.

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