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homedawg678 09-03-2007 5:14 PM

it was a lot of fun and i did alright. im now thinkin of gettin a board but i have no clue in which direction to go. i heard griptape was better but i dont really know. i am 5'7 and 120lbs.

wakemitch 09-03-2007 8:17 PM

welcome to the world of wakeskating. soon you will never want to strap again, haha. but seriously. <BR>its harder to try out wakeskates first so most people end up buying blind. <BR>get a 40". a 41" would be fine but 40 would be better for you. if you get foam you can always put grip on it later(you will). <BR>wood vs. composite is preference. wood feels way better but copmosite lasts forever

fontain06 09-03-2007 8:30 PM

whatever you do, dont buy a "begginer" board, like the hyperlite scape. you want something that you will progress into, not out of.

homedawg678 09-05-2007 8:10 PM

alright well i just purchased a liquid force wakeskate and i had one question. I know it sounds kinda weird but what stance should i ride in, because i ride left foot back on a skateboard but i ride right foot back on a wakeboard.

wakemitch 09-05-2007 8:17 PM

im the same way. i ride right foot back when i wakeskate, but since you are like this mix it up a lot. as soon as you learn something, learn it switch. because i skateboard goofy and wakeskate regular it has helped me switch a lot. i think i can switch ollie higher then i can regular ollie, but it still feels switch(awkward)

homedawg678 09-06-2007 3:31 AM

ok i got what ur sayin

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