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joshturner 09-02-2007 11:09 PM

I know a lot of people on here are accomplished wake photographers and have been doing it for a while but I'm wondering if any of you have ever ventured into the ocean to take a few shots. My question i guess is weather its fun or hard, how it relates to wake photography, or just a basic idea of the whole thing.

peter_c 09-03-2007 10:47 AM

I venture into the ocean all the time...but it is totally different scuba diving then playing in the waves. We try not to do that with 100's of pounds of dive gear on. As a photog shooting surf you will need to be very comfortable swimming in the waves in mask and fins. You might also want a mask leash and I would highly recommend a dry snorkel. A wide angle with dome port would be my best guess for housing setup and it is not something I would do with an EWA bag or the likes. Instead the cheapest housing is going to be an Ikelite at a couple of thousand dollars. My preference is the middle line Sea and Sea housings, but they run over $4K. Beyond that it should just be a matter of pulling the trigger and getting your settings right.

caskimmer 09-04-2007 7:07 AM

I strongly recommend <b>NOT </b>using a dive housing for surf photography. They are way too heavy (a big deal when you're swimming in 12 ft surf) and overpriced. If it's for surf get an SPL, PPS, or Aquatech. <BR> <BR>I couldn't be happier with my SPL which what's used by the majority of surf photogs/vidiots <a href="http://www.splwaterhousings.com" target="_blank">http://www.splwaterhousings.com</a>. <BR>It's lightweight, bombproof and cost $1300

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