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clearlakescott 09-01-2007 6:26 AM

I am curious what everyone is using and how well each work. As my home lake gets more boats on it I am looking for the only glass left.

clearlakescott 09-05-2007 5:14 AM

Does no one night ride?

acurtis_ttu 09-05-2007 5:33 AM

I live on a lake and will surf at nite usign my light bar, I have a boss bar, monster clamps and the smae lights titan uses (but in amber beam---it's keep s the bugs off. ) they work great for surfing and pulling into my dock late at night. In order to ride you'll proabbly need 8-12 rear facing lights, or an HID setup. Be careful of the power draw.

clearlakescott 09-05-2007 7:10 AM

Good call on the power draw. I had not taken that into consideration.

acurtis_ttu 09-05-2007 7:16 AM

HID can reduce your power significantly but costs significantly more. check lostpro.com for HID tower lights

lovin_the_wake 09-05-2007 7:38 AM

I night ride but we have to watch for the ole lake patrol it's like a $150 fine if we get caught but it's so butter at night

clearlakescott 09-05-2007 12:00 PM

We have no patrol to worry about. Private lake!

lovin_the_wake 09-05-2007 12:02 PM


357 09-05-2007 1:53 PM

We ride at night. Hopefully we don't ever get caught. I would hate to spend a night in jail over some good ole fashioned night rider fun. We ride a 80 ft rope and the HID's light the wake, rider and front amazingly. It is like a floating football stadium.

lovin_the_wake 09-05-2007 2:30 PM

We usually strap up w/ glow sticks so we can be seen after we fall

clearlakescott 09-07-2007 11:59 AM

seven stars <BR>what is your set up and were did you buy it.

snowboardcorey 09-07-2007 3:17 PM

Were ghetto fab, a million candle power spot light is all we have. Works great for locating a downed rider and for lighting the wake without blinding the rider.

clearlakescott 09-07-2007 8:31 PM

corey <BR>you are right that is ghetto. I am all for making your own stuff but that is not nearly enough light.

yosquire 09-08-2007 11:02 AM

I love mine and use them quite a bit. I have 4 lights facing backwards, they work ok.. perfect for wakesurfing. they work for wakeboarding if you're really determined.

357 09-08-2007 9:58 PM

I have LPA Tower Accessories HID lights and I got them from <a href="http://www.lostpro.com" target="_blank">www.lostpro.com</a>

wake1823 09-10-2007 5:46 AM

seven stars, don't you own LPA acc.? I would hope you would buy from your own company....lol. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wake1823 on September 10, 2007)

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