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trickyboarder08 08-29-2007 5:02 PM

Ok, so I just dropped by Lowes and picked up 12 50# sacks of sand. Now I have 600 pounds of ballast and was wondering how to distribute the weight around the boat to make the best wake that I can. Should I put it all in the back, or some in the front also?

malibuboarder75 08-29-2007 5:33 PM

Never weight a boat with all the weight in the back. I would say distribute it evenly. 250 up front, 350 in the back.

trickyboarder08 08-29-2007 6:01 PM

wow, i was thinking more like 500 at the back and 100 up front. I will try that and see how it turns out, Thanks Leo. <BR> <BR>Also, what would the difference in the wake be with say 350 in back and 250 in front vs. say 450 in back and 150 in front?

malibuboarder75 08-29-2007 6:51 PM

I would says 99% of the people on here will tell you to distribute your weight evenly. Too much weight in the rear, and the boat will have trouble plaining plus your wake will be too steap and washy. Too much weight up front and that boat will take every roller over the bow, plus your wake will be mellow. Even the weight out, and you will make the natural wake of the boat grow. Most put a little more in the back to help steapen the wake. This boat really doesn't need it, the wake is naturally steap when balanced. <BR> <BR>Go check my thread '2001 Nautique project boat', at the bottom is a picture of the wake with 350lbs up front, and 400 in the back, plus a few people.

08-29-2007 7:04 PM

I'm goin with Leo on this. I put 600's on either side of the motor and as far forward as they go. Sometimes I'll throw a 250 in the back, but with more than 3 ppl it's too much.

trickyboarder08 08-30-2007 10:13 AM

I ended up going 400 in the back and 200 under the bow, is this going to make a nice wake? I guess i'll see SAturday.

malibuboarder75 08-30-2007 10:19 AM

If 2 people sit up front, that should be ok.

wakebordr11 09-02-2007 7:56 PM

we weighted my buddies with 2 250 lb side sacs, about 150-200 in the rear and almost 300 up front behind the observer seat, with driver and 2 observers

wakeboardin2k4 09-03-2007 4:27 PM

Brandon- I think that is the best way to distribute 600lbs. 400 in back and 200 up front. <BR> <BR>Today i ran my 86 2001 with 500lbs on each side of the engine box (1000lbs total there), then 250 in the rear, driver and passenger 400lbs plus 60lbs of weights in the bow, 2 batteries, and a subwoofer up there. so probably 120lbs in the bow. I think i am going to add another 60lbs to the bow and maybe fill the rear fat sac up to 400lbs. Took some pictures of the boat today after my session. You cant see the bow hook at all and im sitting still with the boat

derby 09-03-2007 4:33 PM

I used to run 440's on each side plus one behind the doghouse and 300lbs lead in the bow. I used the same weight regardless of people. I thought it was perfect. <BR> <BR>A few times I added 250lbs of lead on each side of the compartment. That was fun but you had to watch it driving as not to take it over the bow or when stopping abruptly and taking over the stern. <BR> <BR>One thing for sure, if you plan on adding weight you should re prop it. I think I used the ACME 842. Not sure on that.

wakeboardin2k4 09-03-2007 5:26 PM

Its actually an acme 542. I use an acme 540 in mine. Slightly less pitch, higher top end speed, better for skiing...i know its a wakeboarding forum

nauty_tique 09-04-2007 10:57 AM

The wake is decent no matter where you put the weight in these, I agree though, would recommend 60/40 at least. We run 3-400 lbs of lead in the rear, a 400 lbs sack in front of the rear seat, 2-250 lbs up front with lead, amps sub etc... and at least 2 people etc... and it's pretty nice, looks a little better with weight on the sides of the engine cover, but I hate walking around/over them.

882001 09-04-2007 3:08 PM

like a san.too.much weight in the rear it will porpoise for a long time after you hit another wake

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