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tobs2 08-27-2007 5:50 PM

Hey all just wanted to see if anyone (Girls-Guys) wants to ride Labor Day Weekend......we have a site / RV site at Moccasin Point side of Don Pedro...we will be there from Fri. around 2pm till Mon. Morning or so......so we will be riding alot. I have a 2003 Ski Centurion Wake edition / Fully Loaded boat.....we have a good crew but are always looking for more people to join us for the whole weekend or come up for a day or two..... If you are interested in joining us email me at: <a href="mailto:tobs2@hotmail.com">tobs2@hotmail.com</a> and I can give you more info!! Thanks, <BR> <BR>Tobin

dodgemegacab 08-29-2007 11:52 AM

Hey Tobin, <BR>I'll be out there from Friday till monday as well. I'll be camping at Flemming with my girl and some family/friends. I just picked up a 07 MB b52 and would be sweet to hook up somewhere and get some sessions in or maybe learn some new stuff. <BR>Dave <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dodgemegacab on August 29, 2007)

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