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nvip9r 08-26-2007 3:51 PM

I am wondering on what carburetor people have on their old boats. I have a PCM Ford 351W with a Edlebrock 1409...and having problems with the motor stalling when giving it gas for pulling someone out of the water. I don't know much about motors but looking on suggestions or any help. I had it rebuilt due to never putting a fuel filter on the fuel line. But we did notice that at idle if looking in the motor there is gas dripping into the secondaries which, we think is causing it to flood and then stall at throttle up. The only thing we can think of is to add a wedge kit that will level out the carburetor and keep the bowls and floats level? It is an old boat(1986 Dixie Super Skier) and I just don't know why all of a sudden this is an issue. Any suggestions or other ideas would be great.

technarider 08-26-2007 4:27 PM

what about setting the float level? to prevent the dripping? <BR> <BR>i am no expert at all.. just dealing with my own carb issues and been reading alot... the web site below has a good problem and fix table.. <BR> <BR><a href="http://auto.howstuffworks.com/framed.htm?parent=question377.htm&amp;url=http://www.recarbco.com/technical/newtrouble.html" target="_blank">http://auto.howstuffworks.com/framed.htm?parent=question377.htm&amp;url=http://www.recarbco.com/technical/newtrouble.html</a>

trace 08-26-2007 6:17 PM

If the problem just started suddenly, my guess is the float has developed a leak and no longer floats. Do you know if the floats were replaced when the carb was rebuilt?

nvip9r 08-27-2007 6:18 AM

No the floats were not replaced. But they seem fine. We noticed that if you stand on one side of the motor, that side will leak into the secondaries...if you move to the other side then it will jump to that side. So that is why we were thinking the WEDGE thing will level the carb out and actually make the gas level in the bowls sit flat. But this is just a guess.

sam8 09-04-2007 8:52 PM

Get the manual or float adjustment info on Edebrocks, if it was a Holley I could guide you a bit, I don't know anything about the Edelbrocks. <BR>Sound like your secondary floats are too high. <BR>If the carb was just rebuilt the floats need to be reset.

wakemetoday 09-04-2007 9:50 PM

I had the same problem with mine (a brand new 650). Sent the carb. back to the company, they reset it and it still didn't work. Called them and they said they have done all they can do. The kicker is I never did get my money back and the carb. never worked. From that experience, I say the Eldebrock company has terrible service and inferior marine products. The best thing you can do is buy another carb. I did a web search and found a company in Florida that sells rebuilt ones with a "As long as you own the boat" warranty and never had a problem. I went with an "old-style" qudra-jet. If I stumble across the address, I'll email it to you. Good luck.

nvip9r 09-05-2007 6:12 AM

Thanks for all the help...I did like you suggested and just went with the Holley 4160...the Holley is ten millions time better and stronger than the edlebrock...so glad I did it...so thanks again for the help...I love this site.

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