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wldstylez 08-23-2007 10:44 PM

So I went through the whole phase about which invert to try first out of the hs back roll and a tantrum. I ended up trying and landing the tantrum first because I used to back flips all the time as a kid and it easy for me to picture the spin in my mind. Now that I can grasp that trick alright, I wanted to give hs back rolls a shot but have no clue how to spin them or even start the rotation. Most of the tutorials say keep the handle close to the body, stand tall of the wake and look over the lead shoulder. It's the looking over the lead shoulder part I don't get. Maybe because when I do a back flip, I know I have to snap my head back to initiate rotation but in the case of the back roll, I don't really understand which part of my body is supposed to do what. Any help in detail would be awesome. Thanks!

jpboarder 08-24-2007 2:35 PM

There are a bunch of threads on the backroll but i will help. <BR> <BR>You wanna cut out about 10-15 ft away from the wake, take a pretty mellow edge back towards the wake. Once you are about 3-4 ft from the wake start to build your edge and create tension on the line. Keep that strong edge all the way through the wake and once you are at the top of the wake, stand tall while holding that edge. Make sure to edge all the way through, wait for the pop, and then look over your lead shoulder. Also, make dang sure you keep the handle in on this trick, literally try and pin your elbows to your sides. The reason you keep the handle in is to help you spin faster, if you let it out too early or dont keep it in at all you will most likely come up short, and hurt yourself. Just remember, this is a load and release invert not a trip flip like a tantrum, so def hold the edge all the way through the wake. If you do it right it should feel like the boat is doing the work. Give it some tries and see how you do. Good luck.

mobius67 08-26-2007 2:59 PM

Well what don't you get about looking over your lead shoulder? Thats to help you spot the landing. Its not a straight up backflip, its sideways/tip over tail. I start my rotation with my hips, but I dont force it. When you pop, push your hips up, not out, and try not to throw it. If you start the rotaion, have your elbows in, and popped right, the rest naturally happens. Look over you lead shoulder to spot that landing, and it should be all good. Listen to JP, he has it down. Hope that helps.

schoney05 08-28-2007 3:23 PM

k i just barley learnded how to throw these but basicly just start out at about ten feet out take a way hard cut and do what they are saying just starting in closer with a harder cut gets the rotation around faster if your not clearing the wake or casing it just go out a foot or two further if you have landed the tantrum the back roll will be a lot easier to land its mostly just guts to throw it wich is almost all wakeboarding is

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