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richd 08-20-2007 2:02 PM

along with the 1DsIII <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&amp;fcategoryid=139&am p;modelid=15653" target="_blank">http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&amp;fcategoryid=139&am p;modelid=15653</a> <BR> <BR>Highlites: 10 mp sensor with digic 3 processor, 6.5 fps.

Walt 08-20-2007 3:22 PM

Any idea how much ?

richd 08-20-2007 5:54 PM

$1299 MAP.

Walt 08-20-2007 5:58 PM

I'll be looking for it @ Costco.

wakeboardertj 08-20-2007 11:52 PM

the life view and better weather sealing with the 6.5 sounds good to me, too bad i just bought a 30d two months ago

wakeeater 08-20-2007 11:54 PM

im excited glad i held off on the 30d

richd 08-21-2007 6:26 AM

You will really see the difference in your images with the 14 bit color the new sensor and digic3 processor provides as well as much cleaner high ISO. Good high ISO minimizes somewhat the need for fast lenses with action low light photography. The AF system is all new as well.

caskimmer 08-21-2007 8:16 AM

how about the specs on the rumored D300 or the new Sony chip as well? The next month sure is going to be an interesting. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by caskimmer on August 21, 2007)

scott_a 08-21-2007 9:50 AM

It'll be interesting to see how Nikon fares in the future since they get their sensors from Sony. If Sony becomes a player in the SLR industry and starts to compete with Nikon and Canon, I wonder if Nikon is going to have to search for a different supplier for their sensors? <BR> <BR>That 1dsIII looks mighty tasty!

richd 08-21-2007 1:43 PM

Unless Nikon starts using a larger sensor (which is the rumor) they are going to hit the wall real soon with total resolution. Nikon has already made huge market share increases on the low end/midrange market however. Canon should throw a few more pro features on the 40D to compete with the D200 (but they don't want to impede on their 1 series in the process.)

deltawake 08-22-2007 3:40 PM

Rich- in your opinion will the new AF be a big enough improvement over the 20D to justify an upgrade? Or, should I just save my spare change to get a 1D series?

richd 08-22-2007 5:16 PM

I guess it would depend on what you're trying to track/shoot. Wakeboarders don't present much of a challenge to the AF system. Probably best to wait and see what everyone reports. the 40D should be as good as the 5D system which was better then the 20D. <BR> <BR>One thing that has got me sold on the 1DmkIII however is the lens calibration feature. I thought my lenses were fairly sharp with the other bodies but they are really good now. I'm completely happy with the mkIII, it's all I need in a body.

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