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jpboarder 08-18-2007 5:48 PM

Whenever I do my tantrums there always seems to be a lot of tension in the rope, and my arm starts to get pretty sore after a while. I can land them, but sometimes the handle just pops out of my hand when I land, and its getting really frustrating. If anyone has some tips as to why this is happening it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

kickflip_mj 08-20-2007 3:51 AM

try not to use a progressive cut, just use a normal cut. you might do what i do and look over your back shoulder when you flip and get stretched out alittle out the back door causing alot of pull on your arm. try to just look striaght back like your flipping on a trampoline.

jpboarder 08-20-2007 11:47 AM

Alright thanks, now that I think about it I might tend to look over my back shoulder a little bit. I do take a little progressive edge, just to get the speed into the wake, but I try to get off edge before I get to the wake. Maybe I need to make a better effort to get off edge and flatten out. Thanks for your advice. Anyone else?

will5150 08-22-2007 8:13 AM

Start REALLY wide- Edge really hard for speed at first then lay off the edge at the wash, turn your lead shoulder into the boat and pull the handle in so your elbow is TIGHT against your hip. Remember this is a one-handed trick and if you stay with the handle too long you really create a TON of line tension. I stopped doing these 'cause I broke my ankle doing them- but it's all about speed- a lot of it- to the wake and waiting for the trip. Also just look straight up- not backward- so you don't get pulled out of alignment.

sunsport 08-22-2007 11:36 AM

Try doing re-entry jumps to teach yourself to launch off your toes instead of your heels. When doing the re-entry jump do it with only your lead hand on the handle. Then when you do the tantrum let go of the handle with the rear hand before going up the wake. It sounds counter intuitive at first but think what happens to your upper body position when you let go with your rear hand. Instead of throwing the back flip away from the boat creating a lot of tension you will throw it parallel to the boat path. You can even get the rope to go slack if you really turn your rear shoulder.

jpboarder 08-22-2007 2:12 PM

Thanks so much for the tips guys, I appreciate it a lot. Next time I am out I will try what you guys said and let you know how I did.

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