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mobius67 08-15-2007 3:13 PM

So I've been progressing fairly well trying to learn tantrums. I just recently started trying them, because Ive heard its one of the easiest inverts, But after watching videos of myself, I feel like I want to start trying HS backrolls. I see people do HS backrolls, and it seems that be a more natural approach, And Ive heard different things, some say the backrolls easier, others say the tantrum is. Any thoughts? Or tips on the backroll.

eubanks01 08-15-2007 3:57 PM

It depends. I think the backroll is much easier but others will say the opposite. The timing IMO is a lot easier with the backroll but your fundamentals must be better. You have to be able to understand the progressive edge technique. With a tantrum, you can just haul butt into the wake and kick your head back and don't have to have a lot of understanding of the fundamentals. <BR> <BR>That being said, my backrolls are consistent and my tantrums are not!

mobius67 08-15-2007 4:50 PM

Yea I think i have a pretty good understanding of why you use a progressive edge and how its done, etc. I just find it a bit difficult with the tantrum to switch your edge and pop, thats my trouble is the pop. I feel like I want more control into the wake and hold my edge, into a more cartwheel like motion. I think that feel more natural to me. <BR> <BR> <BR>Thanx, any other advice is appreciated

trevorcurry 08-15-2007 9:24 PM

My first invert was a tantrum... but i threw them way wrong and only one wake haha. Then I learneed backrolls and I think they are a lot easier to learn... bu thats just me.

mobius67 08-26-2007 3:57 PM

nevermind, I nailed the backroll

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