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airagain 08-14-2007 6:59 PM

Has anyone ever thought about how they see the wake before hitting it? I know in sports that I am good at things seem to slow down for me. I see everything. I notice when I board poorly that I am not seeing the wake. Everything seems to happen really fast and it seems as though I have less control then I would like. Anyone have similar experiences? Anyone have any tips on how to 'slow' things down?

loudsubz 08-14-2007 8:11 PM

Same with me too. <BR> <BR>When I do w2w 360's I try to follow with my eyes around but it happens so fast its all a blur so it just fluke when I land it properly.

kickflip_mj 08-20-2007 3:03 AM

ahaha i have been wakeboarding for way to long and honestly the only thing that slows things down is just practice, i still get lost to this day, try 5's and crap half the time i dont even know whats realy going on until im done with my trick and im riding away.lol

absoluteboarder 08-20-2007 5:25 AM

like michael said the longer you ride the more you will see......however for seeing the wake make sure you pick it up as soon as you start cutting....don't try to look at it half way through your cut or stuff like that. Also really look at it...your eyes should be popped wide open......not just casual......I guess its just really about early focus. also try lowering your speed if it is high say 23 or 24.....21 to 22 is a little bit better for seeing everything I find.

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