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misteve 08-14-2007 3:46 PM

So I have a couple issues with my edge at the wake. At first i was flattening off at the wake and hitting it flat and not getting any pop. <BR> <BR>So I worked on that and now I hit the wake hard with a really strong edge, but I am having trouble standing tall when I hit the wake so I don't absorb it with my knees, taking away the pop. <BR> <BR>I feel like it is hard to lean back to really dig my edge in, hold it and stand tall at the same time when I get to the top of the wake <BR> <BR>Advice?

mobius67 08-14-2007 6:47 PM

I find it helps to REALLY bend your knees before the trough of the wake, then that tall stance of your pop is more defined, and gives you that extra little umph.

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